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2020 QAD in the News

QAD News / March 31, 2020

QAD Inc. Hires Vice President, Packaging

Borges is the former president of Serac Inc. where he was deeply involved with the company’s expansion in several key segments in the industry. He has also worked in several capacities at Henkel Adhesives linked to the packaging industry and served in several trade organizations. read more

QAD News / March 26, 2020

The Potential of ERP Amid a Pandemic

Automation on the plant floor can keep production flowing to refill store shelves. But the biggest problem manufacturers face right now is a disruption to the supply chain. read more

QAD News / March 23, 2020

Planning (again) for Disruption

Despite the certainty of disruption due to flooding, Thailand has continued to thrive as a significant high-tech producer. read more

QAD News / March 17, 2020

Speed Wins Out Over Size

Paul Esherwood sat down with Anton Chilton, CEO at QAD to discuss their new Adaptive ERP and how it works with global manufacturers to ensure they have the tools to be competitive in a highly disrupted sector. read more

QAD News / March 15, 2020

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Celebrates the 20th Annual Pros to Know Winners

Supply & Demand Chain Executive announces the 20th annual Pros to Know winners read more

QAD News / February 03, 2020

More Uncertainty for Auto

What is in store for the automative industry in 2020? Terry Onica gives her unique perspective and predictions for the year. read more

QAD News / January 22, 2020

Surviving in the New World of Tech: How Future Scenario Planning is Key to Survival for the Automotive Supply Chain

Disruptive forces are rapidly changing future-planning scenarios in the automotive industry. From geopolitical events to autonomous and electrical vehicles to technological advancements like Industry 4.0, the automotive supply chain is facing a perfect storm of disruption. read more

QAD News / January 21, 2020

My Brilliant Supply Chain Career

Despite the allure of working at the forefront of the latest and greatest technologies, there is a well-known skills gap facing the manufacturing industry. This represents a huge opportunity for workforce entrants and those looking to advance their careers. Especially for women. read more

QAD News / January 15, 2020

Adaptive ERP: Just What Digital Transformation Needed

Digital Transformation, like most high hype subjects, unfortunately, cannot be concisely defined. It concerns an overabundance of technology and business trends, all overlapping and interacting like an out of control Venn diagram – and that crazy Digital Transformation Venn diagram looks different for every company and morphs every day for every company. read more

QAD News / January 09, 2020

ERP software improves features, product development for 2020

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is extremely useful for snack and bakery companies, including its ability to track ingredients and other tasks, thereby making companies more efficient. And considering its dynamic role in company operations, ERP software is constantly changing and seeing upgrades. read more



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