What is an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?

Global manufacturers face ever-increasing disruption caused by factors that include technology-driven innovation, changing consumer preferences, and economic, geopolitical and societal events. In order to survive and thrive, manufacturers must be able to innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed. QAD calls companies that can do this Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises.

QAD helps manufacturers rapidly respond and plan for disruptions to their business or industry in order to thrive as Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. Traditional tactics, processes and systems can often hinder a company’s ability to respond to change. QAD delivers rapid, agile and effective cloud ERP solutions for manufacturers to focus on the disruptions they face today and provide the flexibility to address future challenges.

Characteristics of an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise


Real-time insights about operations, market environment and customers.


Disrupt markets with new processes, services and products.


Rapidly respond to internal and external business changes.

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Is Your Company an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?

Identify where your organization falls on the adaptability scale and diagnose your ability to cope with change based on QAD's Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model.

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Thrive in Turbulence

Five key capabilities of an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

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How Manufacturers Can Thrive in the New Age of Disruption

An Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise embraces three core characteristics: Intelligent, Innovative and Agile. These characteristics enable manufacturers to plan beyond mere survival and use disruption to their advantage.

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Is Your Manufacturing Enterprise Adaptive Enough?

Your response to disruption can predict your success.

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QAD Solutions for Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises

QAD provides flexible solutions, backed by vertical and manufacturing business expertise, as well as best practice process models that help customers build their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise. Learn more about QAD Solutions.

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