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Turkey, manufacturing, supply chain, business

Doing Business in Turkey

Turkey was founded in 1923 from the remains of the Ottoman Empire, and it adopted many social, legal and political reforms. Since its founding,...
Malaysia, business, economy, manufacturing, supply chain

Doing Business in Malaysia

Malaysia became an independent nation, the Federation of Malaya, in 1957. Prior to that, the British Empire ruled the territory as colonies and protectorates,...
Italy, business, economy, industry, manufacturing

Doing Business in Italy

Italy is a beautiful country full of golden sunshine and rolling hills that support vineyards and olive groves. It is also a modern industrial...
doing business, India, manufacturing

Doing Business in India

India was the center of one of the earliest civilizations on earth, thriving throughout the second and third millennia B.C. Various cultures rose and...
South Africa, doing business, manufacturing

Doing Business in South Africa

Judging by the fossils found there, South Africa was home to some of the earliest of modern humans, many years ago. Dutch traders established...
singapore, business, manufacturing

Doing Business in Singapore

The Malaysian island of Singapore was originally known as Temasek (“Sea Town”) after the first settlers found it in AD 1298-1299. The small island...
switzerland, business, economy, manufacturing, industry

Doing Business in Switzerland

The Swiss Confederation became independent from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499. A constitutional government replaced the Confederation in 1874. Switzerland has a history...
Germany, business, economy, manufacturing

Doing Business in Germany

Germany is the largest economy in the EU, and it’s the second most populous country. It is the fifth largest economy in the world.  After...
Thailand, business, manufacturing, economy, skyline

Doing Business in Thailand

Once known as Siam, Thailand became a constitutional monarchy in 1932. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country not colonized by a European power. Thailand...
Poland, business, map

Doing Business in Poland

Poland has become a democratic, market-oriented country after many years of communism and the lingering effects of invasion during World War ll. The country...
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