Monday, August 3, 2020

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benchmarking, metrics, manufacturing performance

Metrics that Matter: Manufacturing Performance Benchmarking

Benchmarking a business’ performance is a critical step in evaluating performance improvement efforts across the organization. This is especially true for manufacturers. To grow...
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Metrics that Matter: Inventory Effectiveness

The effective use of a manufacturer's inventory investment is an important determinant of the company's success. Excess and obsolete inventory is a drain on...
quality management, metrics, tablet, warehouse, hard hat

Metrics that Matter: Quality Management

Quality affects every aspect of manufacturing, encompassing the totality of features, services, customer interactions and promises that comprise a product offering. While many people...
customer service, metrics, customer satisfaction, warehouse, inventory

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service

Very little has more impact on a company’s success than customer satisfaction. Most people realize that on-time delivery plays a key role in how...
asset utilization, metrics

Metrics that Matter: Asset Utilization

To ensure the best possible ROI, it’s important to ensure that fixed assets are used productively as much as possible. High utilization is especially...
financial compliance, lean manufacturing, metrics, financial health

Metrics that Matter: Financial Compliance

Financial compliance must ensure that all accounting transactions meet the requirements of the locally applicable Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting...
supply chain, metrics

Metrics that Matter: Supply Chain Effectiveness

It’s a well-known axiom that an organization’s success or failure rides on the effectiveness of its supply chain. Companies spend a great deal of...
metrics, closing cycle time, financial reporting person days

Metrics that Matter: Closing Cycle Time and Financial Reporting Person Days

Closing cycle time is usually expressed as the number of days between the end of an accounting period and the release of financial statements....
bottles, assembly line, capacity utilization, throughput ratio

Metrics that Matter: Capacity Utilization and Throughput Ratio

What is Capacity Utilization? Capacity utilization is of the utmost importance to manufacturers. It affects cost, customer satisfaction, inventory — nearly every aspect of the...
backorders, inventory

Metrics that Matter: Backorders

When it comes to customer satisfaction, backorders are one of the most important metrics they use to gauge how well you’re doing as a...

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