Manufacturers constantly deal with change. Customers’ needs vary on any given day. Suppliers’ and trade partners’ abilities to deliver expand and contract, along with prices. New competitors appear, old competitors adapt. Compliance requirements are in flux and economic conditions fluctuate. New technologies promise to add value, but the right timing and level of investment are difficult to determine. Increasingly, manufacturers look to ERP to help deal with change, but that requires an ERP that extends, deploys and scales easily to support a rapid response to business change — without sacrificing dependability. They also want to simplify the experience of running and using ERP regardless of the countries and languages in which they do business.


QAD Cloud ERP is a proven, complete ERP solution that simplifies the job of running and using ERP for global manufacturers. It provides users around-the-clock and around-the-world support in all major languages. Running on the QAD Cloud, QAD Cloud ERP delivers excellent availability and performance with the security demanded by a mission critical application including support for GPDR. QAD Cloud ERP integrates readily with other QAD cloud applications and QAD Cloud may support third party solutions a manufacturer would also like to run in the cloud. 

  • Full-featured manufacturing cloud ERP aligns global processes. QAD designed QAD Cloud ERP specifically for global manufacturers. It includes industry-specific processes that cover the breadth of a manufacturer’s business, without unneeded features often found in general purpose ERP.
  • Simple. Implement QAD Cloud ERP quickly with QAD Easy On Boarding services. Predefined conversion services simplify migrations. The
    intuitive user experience and on-line training makes it simple to learn.
  • Dependable. With more than a decade of cloud ERP in production, and QAD Cloud taking advantage of best-inclass service providers, QAD Cloud ERP provides proven reliability and a range of business continuity options.
  • Extensible and secure. Using the QAD Enterprise Platform, manufacturers may extend QAD Cloud ERP, usually without code, and can upgrade what and when they want working with QAD to determine the best approach. Administrators easily manage users and have full visibility into service levels, security and support logs

“It appears that the majority of organizations are finally aware of the unique benefits that a cloud solution can bring, as it relates to ERP.” - Cloud ERP's Time Has Come! Aberdeen Group, 2016


Whether you are an automotive industry parts or components provider, a medical devices or biopharma company, a contract manufacturer, a consumer products or food and beverage producer, or an high tech or industrial manufacturer, QAD Cloud ERP helps manufacturers address the unique challenges in their given industry, such as providing support for an FDA/cGMP qualified environment and MMOG/LE for risk management in the automotive industry. QAD also offers a variety of related cloud applications that a manufacturer may require.

  • QAD Cloud ERP includes comprehensive capabilities for global manufacturers, including Analytics, Business Process Management, Compliance, Customer Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Service and Support Management.
  • Other QAD Cloud applications integrate readily with QAD Cloud ERP, such as demand and supply
    chain planning
    , transportation management and trade compliance, quality management, supplier management and EDI. 
  • Extensions and Integration – Using the QAD Enterprise Platform, manufacturers can extend QAD Cloud ERP to help meet unique needs. QAD also offers an industry leading cloud integration solution.
  • Support – QAD provides all ERP application support, allowing users to directly log support calls.
  • Upgrade Planning – QAD works with customers to determine the right time to upgrade, and what to upgrade.
  • Database and Systems Administration – QAD constantly monitors and tunes database and related system performance.
  • Service Level Reporting – QAD provides monthly reports of service levels and performance.
  • QAD operates the QAD Cloud in multiple data centers around the world that all carry SSAE16 certification.
  • Business Continuity – QAD configures and runs a true disaster recovery “warm site” for customers that want to minimize the risk of disruption and outage.
  • Blended – Manufacturers that want to run QAD Cloud ERP and QAD Enterprise Applications on premise simultaneously may choose the “blended” option. Blended supports incremental cloud ERP deployment to new divisions, facilities, territories and acquisitions while keeping cloud and on premise synchronized.
  • QAD global support provides full 24x7x365 support to users in all major languages from QAD professionals 100% dedicated to QAD Cloud ERP and other QAD Cloud applications.

For more information on how QAD Cloud ERP can help your company, please contact QAD at +1-805-566-6100 or email