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Social Media Post: Orora

Orora is proud to support Foodbank Australia through the supply of corrugated boxes to assist in the delivery of food and essential supplies to the most vulnerable members of our community. #InItTogether #COVID19 #Foodbank

News Article: Innovation in Turbulent Times

We live in an increasingly disruptive and turbulent world, where manufacturers need to rapidly adapt to change and innovate in order to maintain a competitive advantage. In addition to the business and industry changes introduced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, industry disruption is appearing in many forms.

News Article: Keys to Remotely Managing a Team

At this point, many of us are working from home and, after over a month of doing so, we’re pretty established in our new normal, right? I’m not sure that means we have perfected it by any means, but we are starting to build a routine and hopefully, things are getting a little easier.

News Article: Autoliv shifts production to medical gown material

The Autoliv airbag plant in Tilbury is now producing medical gown material to outfit front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Media Post: QAD

QAD is stepping up to serve our local communities in this time of need. Last week, QADers 3D-printed parts for over 100 protective face shields, with many more on the way, to be assembled and distributed to doctors and nurses treating #COVID19 patients in SB/Ventura/LA counties. #flattenthecurve

News Article: DS Smith tackle COVID-19 with new hygienic packaging

Long-standing commercial partner DS Smith have hit the headlines this week after developing all-new hygienic boxes to deliver vital provisions and medicines during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Blog: Aptiv Outlines it's Global COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Protocol

Improving safety is a core part of Aptiv’s mission – from the technology we develop to the way we work. Now more than ever, keeping our employees, their families, and communities safe is our top priority.

News Article: The Potential of ERP Amid a Pandemic

Automation on the plant floor can keep production flowing to refill store shelves. But the biggest problem manufacturers face right now is a disruption to the supply chain.

News Article: The Medical Device Industry Needs Risk Management in the New Normal

Will your risk management plan help your company weather the next crisis? Here are 4 ideas to consider.

News Article: Operational Improvements: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Business/Quality Improvement Initiatives in the New Normal

Statistics prior to COVID-19 estimated approximately five million U.S. employees (1) work from home, and in today’s COVID-19 environment, with many states under “shelter at home” mandates, this number has increased massively. What does this mean for those of us lucky enough to still be employed and working in the operational improvement industry?

Checklist: Operational Restart Readiness for the Automotive Supply Chain

This 13-point checklist highlights the key areas to consider from an operational perspective for risks in the restart of your automotive manufacturing operations.

Checklist: Operational Restart Readiness for the Food & Beverage Supply Chain

This 13-point checklist highlights the key areas to consider from an operational perspective for risks in the restart of your manufacturing operations.

Blog: 4 Supply Chain Areas to Examine in the Face of Disruption

Global supply chain leaders have broad and continuous experience in expecting the unexpected. They regularly plan for and respond to regulatory changes, natural disasters, labor strikes, fluctuating tariffs and other disruptive events. Common disruptions, like late shipments or unexpected short orders result in mild irritation compared to the more disruptive events like COVID-19.

Blog: COVID-19’s Immediate Impact on the Automotive Supplier Industry

The onset of COVID-19 arrived at a time when the global automotive industry was already in a state of tumult, with suppliers and automakers looking at a future defined by electrification, autonomy and connectedness. This pandemic has sent the entire automotive industry into a state of uncertainty, prompting automotive companies worldwide to take drastic actions to bolster balance sheets and maintain financial and strategic flexibility.

Blog: The CARES Act: Potential Actions for Manufacturers

QAD recently examined the funding and incentives made available to companies during the COVID-19 crisis, and we’ve prepared a summary of those that might be applicable to manufacturers. This is not meant to serve as legal or financial advice, but rather areas where we think manufacturing businesses can receive the most support.

Podcast: Strange Bedfellows - The Convergence of the Automotive & Life Sciences Industries to Fight COVID-19

Normally, one doesn't see the Automotive and Life Sciences industries partnering. But these aren't normal times. Listen as Tom Roberts, VP - Automotive & Mobility and Mike Kolias, VP - Life Sciences, both from QAD, discuss strange yet amazing convergence between the two industries. They'll cover topics including the spread of COVID-19, the Defense Production Act, and what automakers and life sciences manufacturers face in the months ahead.

Blog: Lifting Spirits and Serving Communities in Quarantine

Our teams at QAD have found new ways to connect, stay healthy and support our local communities while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to continue to be there for our customers as much as we are for each other by sharing some best practices that may help you and your teams to better manage in quarantine.

Blog: Restarting the Automotive Supply Chain in Uncertain Times

Many OEM factories around the world will soon begin to restart their assembly plants. Automotive suppliers must begin planning and preparing now to ensure they are ready to fulfill their customers’ requirements.

Webinar: Operational Restart Readiness for the Automotive Supply Chain

This webinar outlines a three-step plan for automotive suppliers to follow in preparing to restart their operations, including: 1) Managing COVID-19 at your facility 2) Restarting manufacturing operations; and 3) Recovering operational stability.

News Article: A double rum… but not as we know it

Two iconic Queensland (Australia) manufacturers have responded magnificently to the COVID-19 crisis to ensure a supply of much-needed hand sanitizer for the state.

News Article: Thermo Fisher ships coronavirus tests, aims to produce 5 million tests a week by April

Thermo Fisher is one of two diagnostic makers to receive FDA emergency use authorization to test for COVID-19.

Social Media Post: Amtico

Amtico has swapped producing flooring for face shields. Their Coventry factory is helping produce parts for life-saving Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

News Article: GHSP Announces Launch of COVID-19 Fighting UV-C Products

Company announcement of the launch of a new line of UV-C treatment products for use in emergency services vehicles.

News Article: QAD CEO Talks Manufacturing and Trade during the Pandemic

In this post, the focus is more on how manufacturers, users of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, are adapting to their new normal.

News Article: Ready, Set, Restart: An Operational Readiness Checklist

13 considerations for automotive manufacturers as they prepare to reopen.

Blog: Manage Manufacturing & Supply Disruptions During COVID-19

Manufacturers are under a significant amount of pressure, and many have stepped up to produce essential products like hand sanitizer, protective face shields, respirators and ventilators. Despite all these efforts, it has still proven difficult to keep up with rapidly changing demand. However, there are three important strategies that can help your business manage unexpected disruption across markets and industries.

Blog: Managing an ERP Project with QAD Remote Delivery

Project managing outside a typical work setting is more common today than ever before, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. When faced with major disruption or unforeseen challenges, projects that are key to business success must still proceed. This is why QAD has ramped up efforts to deliver a superior level of customer service and drive fast implementation speeds to our customers, in a virtual format.

Webinar: Operational Restart Readiness for the Food & Beverage Supply Chain

This webinar addresses the Key Restart & Continuity Concerns and how to manage manufacturing plants to prepare for the restart of their operations, including: 1) COVID-19 virus management within operations; 2) Financial status and extent of operational disruption; 3) Restarting food & beverage manufacturing operations; 4) Recovering operational stability.

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