Adaptive UX

Applications with a brittle user experience make it difficult for manufacturers to onboard new users or support changing user roles. To keep critical information solutions like ERP and supply chain management working effectively, the user experience must adapt to each users’ preferred work style and device and foster collaboration across all business processes. Today's workforce expects an intuitive user experience (UX), and QAD Adaptive UX delivers.

Intuitive & Easy to Learn

Adapt & Personalise Roles

Embedded Analytics

QAD Adaptive UX provides a flexible, role-based, modern user experience with user personalisation and embedded analytics. It delivers an intuitive and collaborative user experience for improved productivity and decision-making.

Access QAD Adaptive ERP anywhere, anytime, with any internet connected device.


The Next Generation User Experience

Adaptive UX goes beyond a modern interface by employing market leading embedded analytics and enabling the user to view recent changes and updates in a personalised experience. It provides a consistent, role-based, device-independent interface that’s personalised to the activity and user. Adaptive UX delivers:

  • Improved productivity
  • Real-time analytical insight
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Better collaboration
  • Quick response to evolving business conditions
  • Streamlined business practices
  • Fast on-boarding
  • Reduced learning curves

Focus on the User

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Through a modern UX, our users can access more information and collaborate more effectively.

Dan Waugh, GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Comvita

Dan Waugh, GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Comvita

Adaptive User Experience

The QAD Adaptive User Experience (UX) provides an adaptable, device-independent user experience that supports personalization for each role, activity and user.

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