Digital Transformation and Advanced Technology

Manufacturers face an increasingly competitive environment and must increase productivity, run more efficient supply chains and deliver higher quality products that delight customers, increase sustainability and improve profitability. Digital transformation is a key initiative to help manufacturers succeed in this challenging business environment, but adopting the advanced technology options and alternatives can be daunting without a roadmap. How can a manufacturer effectively prioritise, select and adopt these technologies to meet their goals?

Research, Educate & Evaluate

Innovate & Collaborate

Productise & Integrate

QAD has a core technology team that continuously researches, evaluates and prioritises emerging technologies. The team actively collaborates with manufacturers to innovate advanced capabilities, shortening the time to value and driving customer benefits.

Adoption of advanced technologies is imperative to sustain business competitiveness.


Advanced Technologies

The Future of Manufacturing is Here

QAD tracks the diverse array of technology advancement and selects advanced technologies based on their potential positive impact on manufacturing use cases:

QAD Labs is a virtual collaboration hub that allows QAD and our customers to experiment with advanced technologies to address manufacturing challenges. Collaborating in the QAD Labs allows both parties - QAD and the customer - to experiment with new and emerging technologies and enable their rapid evaluation and potential application in a pilot program format. No matter the technology, QAD has the platform and resources for advancing our customers' capabilities.

Integrated, Simplified, Real-time, Paperless Production

Improve collaboration and gain the production insights needed to quickly meet customer requirements with comprehensive operational data capture.


Competition Drives Change;
Technology Fuels It



DS Smith is energised by the use of high quality data to help drive informed decision making, optimise their processes and improve automation. With the QAD Enterprise Platform, purpose-built advanced technology is embedded to provide non-invasive adoption. Technology adoption across QAD’s manufacturing base reduces individual customer risks and costs. Advanced technologies added to QAD Adaptive ERP may be utilised by all applications via the QAD Enterprise Platform. Below are other ways QAD is embracing Advanced Technologies:

  • QAD Labs scenarios
  • Business model changes
  • Data lake integration
  • Shop floor / IoT

ERP and Your Journey to Industry 4.0

The rapid pace of change and modern business challenges require unprecedented flexibility fueled by agile technologies.

Advanced Technologies Have Put Manufacturing in Transition

Industry 4.0 has added a competitive edge to smart manufacturing as businesses reach for new performance levels through optimised processes and productivity increases.

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