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Manufacturing ERP Software that Adapts as Your Business Evolves

Manufacturing companies need agility — to change processes, integrate acquisitions, meet customer requirements, introduce new products and comply with regulations. QAD Manufacturing ERP adapts to any style of manufacturing and to the needs of all your geographic locations. Quality metrics, central model management and automated data collection ensure accurate, complete product, material and inventory information. Our Manufacturing ERP software has intuitive planning tools that can synchronise production to changing demand, while built-in quality management helps you keep a sharp focus on excellence.

Manufacturing Overview

The manufacturing capabilities of QAD Adaptive ERP help global manufacturers run simultaneous, multi-mode manufacturing and provide full shop floor control of orders across the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing ERP addresses simultaneous, multi-mode manufacturing including discrete, process, repetitive and lean.

QAD Manufacturing ERP Features

  • Product Genealogy
  • Track unique custom item and lot attributes including specifications, test results, potency and more throughout the entire production process. Simple track and trace for any component from supplier lot to end customer using the lot trace workbench.
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Streamline business processes to eliminate waste and improve quality, manage just-in-time inventory with integrated kanban.

  • QAD Automation Solutions (QAS)
  • Capture material and production data, and print labels according to manufacturer, supplier and/or customer formats to improve material transaction effectiveness.
  • Master Scheduling Workbench (MSW)
  • Rapidly manipulate schedules and simulate results before confirming changes to the schedule.

  • Production Scheduling Workbench
  • Provide your planners and schedulers with simultaneous visibility to plans, schedules and all supporting data, and enable control and collaboration across the production and materials planning space.
  • Pro/Plus
  • Manage trade sales, container and line charges, supplier shipping schedules, customer sequence schedules and accounts receivable self-billing.

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Integrated, Simplified, Real-time, Paperless Production

Improve collaboration and gain the production insights needed to quickly meet customer requirements with comprehensive operational data capture.

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Vertically Integrated Quality

Every manufacturer has a commitment to product quality. A vertically integrated quality system best positions a manufacturer to address the full cost of quality and deliver the associated benefits.

Effectively Manage Suppliers with Real-time Communication

Learn how YFAI India improved their productivity, supplier management and customer service with the QAD Supplier Portal.

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QAD CEBOS EQMS Delivers Companywide Quality Control

Automotive parts manufacturer SMR integrated QAD CEBOS EQMS into their existing QAD ERP system in order to provide tangible benefits to both their suppliers and customers.

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