ROI of QAD Cloud

Find out how Imperial Brands’ adoption of QAD Cloud led to a variety of benefits, and how the experience of shifting from on-premise to the cloud is not nearly as hard as it sounds.

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Cloud Security for Manufacturers

QAD Adaptive ERP includes a full Information Security Management System (ISMS) with proactive penetration testing and threat detection, key security certifications and best practices.

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How Secure is your ERP?

Unless steps are taken to manage security on a day by day basis, there are major risks with both on premise and cloud-hosted providers. This tool will help assess the overall risk profile of your ERP solution.

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Mint Jutras: Introducing QAD Adaptive Applications

While features and functions are more important than ever, the secret to adaptive applications lies in the QAD Enterprise Platform.

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Information Security Best Practices for Manufacturers in the Era of the Hacker

How should manufacturers deal with the rising risk and cost of information security? Whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination thereof, there are key security techniques for manufacturers to consider on how to best protect their information.

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