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Life Sciences & Medical Device ERP

ERP Software for Life Sciences & Medical Device Manufacturing

Life sciences and medical device manufacturers are dedicated to innovation, product quality and patient safety, but a tightening regulatory environment, increasing cost pressures and supply chain complexities are causing new challenges. Emerging global markets, quality initiatives, and increasing mergers and acquisitions activity add to the complexity of life sciences or medical device manufacturing and distribution. ERP solutions from QAD deliver the flexibility that manufacturers in the life sciences and medical device industries require.

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Life Sciences Manufacturing Sites Live on QAD


Countries with QAD Life Sciences Customers

$968 Billion

Annual Revenue Generated by QAD Life Sciences Customers

Cloud ERP for Life Sciences & Medical Device Manufacturers

QAD offers the only full-featured, cloud ERP solution for life sciences and medical device manufacturers that is available on an FDA “Qualified” and auditable infrastructure.

Cloud ERP for Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)

Biopharmaceutical CMOs provide manufacturing, packaging and other contract services for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. They face a competitive and fragmented market that demands greater operational efficiency and focus on key metrics like inventory reduction, capacity utilization and improved customer service metrics.


MTF Biologics is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

With QAD as a technology partner for ERP solutions, MTF, the largest tissue bank in the world, maintains quality and traceability in a highly regulated industry.

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Key Life Sciences Vertical Segments:

At QAD, we deliver high-quality, industry-focused ERP software to manufacturing companies. To take your business to the next level, we offer focused attention on vertical segments for each of our industry editions. We’re here to help you become an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies manufacture reagents and instruments intended for use in the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of disease. IVD manufacturers are challenged to produce innovative assays and keep pace with rapidly changing clinical trends while remaining focused on developing novel solutions that optimize testing efficiency and patient results.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies discover and manufacture medicines that cure and manage disease and protect from infection. They face a competitive, global market governed by rigorous regulations and complex supply chains and look for ways to integrate quality into their core business processes and supply chain planning.

Resources for Life Sciences & Medical Device ERP

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QAD Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing organizations are confronting increasing expectations from their clients, regulators, boards and other stakeholders. QAD business solutions can provide powerful gains in terms of operational and financial performance.

A Successful ERP Upgrade in as Little as Six Weeks

By upgrading their ERP system, Second Sight Medical Products experienced immediate benefits.


Support Compliance with QAD

Using a now fully integrated ERP system, Althea has all critical business processes under one system with data visibility.

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QAD Supports Regulatory Serialization Requirements

Aesica Pharmaceuticals worked with QAD to quickly meet a new and complex serialization regulatory deadline.

Solutions for Contract Manufacturers

Learn how QAD can help you achieve critical metrics like Delivery In-Full, On-Time and increase your capacity utilization.

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What I appreciate most about the QAD folks that we’ve dealt with in particular, is their honesty and integrity.

Rick L. Seibert, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Technology Services, Sharp Packaging Services

Rick L. Seibert, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Technology Services, Sharp Packaging Services

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