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The packaging manufacturing industry faces more pressure than ever before due to escalating costs of raw materials, increased focus on sustainability and recyclability, SKU proliferation, shorter product cycles, innovative designs and more. Best-in-class packaging manufacturers need their underlying business and operational systems to give them the flexibility to manage and adapt to all these changes and serve as critical contributors to their strategic initiatives. This is a shift from systems only supporting the traditional business to enabling the necessary rapid response to change.

In a world of accelerated changes and disruption caused by customers, competitors, vendors, regulations and changing trade conditions, packaging manufacturers need to constantly re-define processes, workflows, and complex supply chains to adapt to their new reality. ERP software and systems designed for packaging manufacturers help businesses streamline manual processes while meeting the increasing demand for smart and more efficient manufacturing, tracking and handling the intricacies of document control, customization, demand planning, global shipping and packaging requirements.


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Cloud ERP for Packaging Manufacturers

With over 100 packaging manufacturing sites live in over 37 countries, QAD has a proven record of providing effective packaging ERP solutions across the industry.


DS Smith is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

DS Smith is energized by the use of high quality data to help drive informed decision making, optimize their processes, and improve automation.

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Managing Sustainability Burdens in Packaging Manufacturing

Learn how packaging manufacturers can take a flexible and adaptable approach to implement integrated sustainability practices that will increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and resources, and build a respected sustainability reputation with their customers and consumers.

Increase Production Uptime By Up to 20%

Find out how a company-wide EAM implementation resulted in greater visibility and coordination of maintenance practices and costs in this flexible packaging customer case study.

Integrated, Simplified, Real-time, Paperless Production

Improve collaboration and gain the production insights needed to quickly meet customer requirements with comprehensive operational data capture.

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Since implementing QAD, business has grown over 25% in unit volume. However, our working capital has dropped by 20% thanks in large part to QAD. Through better analytics and management of processes, we've been able to understand the drivers behind growth.

Kevin Grogan, CEO, Flexible Packaging, DS Smith Plastics

Kevin Grogan, CEO, Flexible Packaging, DS Smith Plastics

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