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Enabling the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

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Is Your Company an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?

Identify where your organization falls on the adaptability scale and diagnose your ability to cope with change based on QAD's Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model.

De Bortoli Wines is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

Learn more about how De Bortoli Wines collaborated with QAD for a Just-In-Time scheduling solution to improve quality, compliance and traceability and leverage technology across a complex supply chain.

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QAD Adaptive Applications

QAD Adaptive Applications offers a comprehensive portfolio of flexible solutions for global manufacturers, all of which are fully integrated with QAD Adaptive ERP.

Veoneer India is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

Learn more about why Veoneer, a leading manufacturer of safety electronics, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Collaborative and Automated Driving (AD) systems, chose QAD for the rapid implementation needed to get one of their newly formed sites up and running.

Nucleus Research: QAD Adaptive Applications

In order to facilitate changes throughout the application lifecycle, QAD Adaptive Applications are designed to be deployed rapidly, extended easily, upgraded seamlessly, and to adapt and evolve.

HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

A rapid implementation with QAD enabled HAPM Magna to establish a new site quickly, but also build the systems required to support growth and adapt to future business changes as efficiently as possible. Learn more about why they chose QAD Adaptive ERP.


ANCA is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

ANCA is a market leader in quality CNC grinding machines and CNC systems including grinding endmills, profile cutters, burrs and punches.

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ERP and Your Journey to Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 intersects multiple advanced technologies and will eventually alter the core of manufacturing execution. Manufacturing business models will transform across the entire spectrum of the supply chain as a result.

Effectively Manage Suppliers with Real-time Communication

Learn how YFAI India improved their productivity, supplier management and customer service with the QAD Supplier Portal.

Gain Supply Chain Control by Moving to the Cloud

Find out how Comvita moved their QAD food and beverage ERP solution to the cloud in order to easily grow and expand their business worldwide.

QAD EQMS Results in a 50 Percent Reduction in Man Hours

Learn how Saft Batteries uses QAD EQMS to compete in a demanding and exacting market.

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Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement Through Nonconformance Corrective Action and Audit

Every nonconformance is an opportunity to learn and grow. Every audit is an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. The system is a closed loop that continually improves performance.

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