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Improving the Customer Experience with Increased Visibility

With the quickly evolving and frequent changes in customer demand, manufacturers require complete visibility and real-time collaboration with their customers to better respond, to demand changes, fulfill quality products on-time, and exceed the customer’s expectations and satisfaction with timely service. Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises ensure an outstanding customer experience to help acquire, sell to and retain customers with the least effort and expense.

Solutions for Complete Customer Management

Complete Customer Management allows manufacturers to drive their customers along a journey, from prospective lead to trusted business partner. The solution manages orders, pricing, customization and fulfillment. It includes sales and marketing automation, helps manage salesforce activities and performance, provides tools to monitor sales processes and run effective campaigns, and includes analytic and simulation tools to determine the best next steps for each customer. This completely integrated solution allows full visibility and control of every customer’s business and lifecycle.

  • QAD Customer and Service Management
  • Manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition through customer service, including quotes, orders, pricing, promotions, customization, configuration, fulfillment, returns, repairs and service. Ensure accurate and efficient management of scheduled orders and releases, as well as global orders with available-to-promise visibility across the enterprise.
  • QAD Trade Activity Management
  • Effectively plan, control and track trade promotion activities with full visibility into promotional spending. Significantly improve promotions, customer service and fulfillment performance metrics, efficiently manage buying groups and contracts, and accurately track financial impact of promotions and rebates.

  • QAD Customer Self Service
  • Facilitate real-time communication and ordering from customers through a web storefront and self-service portal. Ensure your B2B and B2C customers can easily place and track orders in a secure and personalized way over the Internet. When additionally using the QAD Configurator, customers can custom order products utilizing a state of the art rules engine.
  • QAD Configurator
  • Efficiently streamline ordering of complex, configurable products. Drive faster, more accurate order processing for make-to-order at scale products with fewer errors in order entry, manufacturing and shipping. Using a complete rules-based product configurator, automatically turn a customer-specific feature requirement into a set of validated and buildable manufacturing directions available to the shop floor.

  • QAD CRM for Manufacturers
  • Improve customer satisfaction with complete control of customer lifecycle including lead, opportunity, campaign and account management. Deliver an excellent customer experience within all areas of the business by having a 360° view of your customers, allowing everyone to be informed and responsive to the latest customers' sales, billing and servicing needs.
  • QAD Field Service Management
  • Effectively manage every aspect of servicing products both at the customer site and depot returns, and quickly provide product quality improvement requirements back to manufacturing. Improve visibility and tracking of servicing activities and spare parts and related equipment inventories, control servicing costs and turn service from a cost center to a revenue stream.

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Bickford's Group Turns to QAD TAM to Help Manage its Diverse Distribution Network

Learn how QAD enabled beverage manufacturer Bickford's Group to automate various processes with its integrated trade activity management (TAM) tool.

Actionable Insights: Customer Support

Understanding how customers are faring as they use your products and support services is crucial to customer retention and brand image. Learn about the KPIs included with the Customer Support Action Center and why they matter.

Actionable Insights: Customer Sales and Service

If you want customers to keep coming back with new orders, every interaction must be perfect. Learn about the KPIs included with the Customer Sales and Service Action Center and why they matter.

Avoiding Death by Spreadsheet in the Life Sciences Industry

QAD Trade Activity Management can help to manage the complexities and address the challenges associated with contract management. It easily integrates with the operational and financial modules of QAD Adaptive ERP.

Make to Order at Scale – A Disruptor Here to Stay

The build-to-order customization of products has disrupted manufacturing for years. 'Make to Order at Scale' is now driving manufacturers to get more creative with their approach.

Metrics that Matter: Customer Service

Inventory accuracy and minimizing stockouts are very important to customer satisfaction, but a few other metrics also impact the ability to meet customer expectations.

Shifting the Focus from B2B to B2B2C

Business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) is combining B2B and B2C business relationships for a complete product or service transaction. This is an area where things are changing, at least in the manufacturing world.

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