Digital Manufacturing

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Modernizing Manufacturing Operations with Digital Technologies

Digital technology on the shop floor and throughout production activities connects intelligent manufacturing to the rest of the business, while technologies like machine learning and IoT help modernize manufacturing operations. Embracing this digital transformation will empower key production stakeholders to rapidly assess and respond to shop floor issues.

Solutions for Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing fully integrates planning, scheduling, quality, cost management, material movement and shop floor control. The solution allows manufacturers to leverage digital and advanced technologies to better communicate, analyze and use information to meet cost and quality objectives. Build a strong foundation for lean manufacturing concepts that eliminates waste throughout your operations. QAD’s manufacturing ERP capabilities also adapt to any style of manufacturing and to the unique needs of a geographic location and industry.

  • QAD Manufacturing
  • Boost production efficiencies, gain visibility across plans, schedules and supporting data, and accurately track manufacturing performance to eliminate waste.
  • QAD Automation Solutions
  • Capture material and production data, and print labels according to manufacturer, supplier and/or customer formats to improve material transaction effectiveness.

  • QAD Production Execution
  • Improve collaboration and gain the production insights needed to quickly meet customer requirements with comprehensive operational data capture.
  • QAD Enterprise Asset Management
  • Manage planned and unplanned equipment maintenance, including calibrations, procurement of MRO inventory and capital asset project costs.

  • QAD Enterprise Quality Management System
  • Optimize manufacturing performance, comply with industry-specific quality standards and facilitate risk management analysis. Learn More

Advanced Technologies Have Put Manufacturing in Transition

Industry 4.0 has added a competitive edge to smart manufacturing as businesses reach for new performance levels through optimized processes and productivity increases.

QAD Enables Brose Thailand to Focus on a Strategy of Continuous Improvement

Find out how Brose Thailand reduced its shipping costs, with less inventory overages and better planning, by upgrading to QAD Enterprise Edition.

Improving Quality Management with QAD EQMS

An upgrade to QAD EQMS enabled Cascade Engineering to save time and money while ensuring quality improvements company wide.

Aesica Pharmaceuticals Meets Accelerated Serialization Deadline with QAD ERP Upgrade

Learn how Aesica Pharmaceuticals addressed new regulations using QAD's Serialization module.

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