Effective Enterprise Management

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Managing an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

Global manufacturers often deal with acquisitions, divestitures, new sites and restructuring. They must also keep up with changes to GAAP, governmental regulations and audit imperatives. To effectively manage these and other essential business requirements that reach into all corners of the enterprise and value chain, manufacturers need accurate and timely, yet flexible, core data and processes - which are also essential ingredients required for Shared Service efficiencies. In addition, they need source-of-truth data synchronized across operations to provide decision-makers with trusted operational analytics.

Solutions for Effective Enterprise Management

QAD Adaptive ERP includes a comprehensive yet flexible financial solution and embedded analytics based on trusted data to help ensure effective enterprise management. QAD Financials fully supports core functions like General Ledger, AP/AR, and cost and credit management. It addresses the unique needs of the CFO of global manufacturers, such as multi-GAAP, consolidations and closing, shared services and revenue recognition. It includes tax management and ongoing internationalization support to deal with ever-changing tax regulations. QAD Analytics offers built-in, sophisticated self-service analytics for dozens of roles, with over 300 KPIs and the ability to modify, add and share models.

  • QAD Financials
  • Adapt quickly to changes in the business while continually improving financial operational effectiveness with QAD Financials. Easily deal with multi-entity, multi-GAAP and multi-currency requirements and ensure fast, accurate closings.
  • QAD Fixed Assets
  • Reduce the time and risk associated with managing assets, lower the costs associated with ghost assets and improve balance sheet accuracy through full life cycle fixed asset capabilities.

  • QAD Internationalization
  • The QAD Internationalization team tracks country-level tax compliance changes. It then develops and maintains applicable country extensions for QAD Adaptive ERP to ensure you remain in tax compliance when transacting across your global value chain.
  • QAD Analytics
  • Everyone is a decision-maker. QAD Analytics gives all users self-service analytics based on dozens of pre-built Action Centers that include relevant KPIs, and the ability to modify, add and share new analytics models. The QAD Reporting Framework includes a long list of built-in standard reports, the ability to easily add, modify and share reports, and full spreadsheet integration.

Action Centers and Embedded Analytics Help with Smart Water Solutions

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How Effective Fixed Asset Management Contributes to Profitability

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Actionable Insights: Fixed Assets

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