QAD After-Hours Emergency Support Service

For customers with direct maintenance and support from QAD, after-hours emergency support is provided when your local Customer Support center is closed for the day. Emergency Support is for showstopper, production system emergencies, such as a database crash, or inability to continue operation. Your call will be directed to an open QAD Support Center or an On-call Consultant. This service is not to be used for non-critical or non-emergency situations.

To contact the QAD Emergency Support service, call any worldwide QAD Customer Support Center and follow the telephone prompts to indicate that your production system is in a down condition (English language selection required). This service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including when your local Support Center is closed.

For non-emergency situations, please go to the QAD Online Support Center to find answers or to contact QAD Customer Support for assistance.