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2018 QAD in the News

QAD News / December 18, 2018

How Baked Goods Manufacturers Can Meet the Demand for Transparency

Baked goods manufacturers have long known that their products tell a story—and the trends show that consumers are increasingly interested in knowing this story themselves. This is partially due to the fact that more and more consumers are wary of food brands, which Mintel’s “Global Food & Drink Trends 2018” states has “increased the need for food and drink manufacturers to be forthcoming about their ingredients, production processes, and supply chains.” read more

QAD News / December 10, 2018

Machine Learning Will Continue to Improve Supply Chain Performance in 2019

Global supply chains provide manufacturers with an enormous amount of data. This is especially true as linear supply chains have evolved into interconnected networks of trading partners that include suppliers, customers, carriers, customs agents, supplier's suppliers, customer's customers and others. read more

QAD News / December 10, 2018

The Case for Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence in which systems can analyze large volumes of data and make predictions based on correlation and causation without being explicitly programmed. It has been a major technology breakthrough and has been applied across multiple functional areas in organizations including supply chain. read more

QAD News / November 21, 2018

How a Connected Supply Chain Can Minimize the Effects of a Recall

The modern day food and beverage supply chain consists of many pieces or links. It is a complex combination of parts that can put food products at risk of contamination or compromise their integrity. That is why when a product is compromised or deemed at risk, and a recall is initiated, the investigation usually starts within the supply chain. read more

QAD News / November 05, 2018

Easy, Adaptable ERP Is a Reality

Four years ago, QAD embarked on a bold multi-year mission to change the rules—and the reputation—of ERP. Now, the company says, that platform is ready and awaiting what the future holds. read more

QAD News / October 30, 2018

Questions About Blockchain in Industry

It may seem that blockchain is poised to proliferate in manufacturing and supply chain applications, but there remain several key technology issues to address before this can happen in a meaningful way. read more

QAD News / October 29, 2018

DDMRP: Beyond the Acronym What is it?

Demand Driven Materials Requirement Planning or DDMRP! What is it? It is a planning method used both for supply planning and execution control, defining stock positions and stocking levels in a dynamic way. It generates supply events according to the sales order of the day plus qualified sales spikes. DDMRP guides and alerts planning and execution in a visual way. read more

QAD News / October 18, 2018

CEBOS: Integrated Quality Management in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry today has come a long way into the age of digitalization. As modern automation and computing abilities contribute further in re-vitalizing the present day manufacturing landscape, there exists an age-old pain point that is yet to be addressed—quality. read more

QAD News / October 08, 2018

Improving Supply Chain Visibility

Today, the complexities of most supply chains involve a large number of supplier networks and stakeholders. At the heart of creating an effective supply chain is the understanding that data from these parties – and collaboration of that information – is vital. read more

QAD News / September 24, 2018

Establishing effective infrastructure maintenance plans for snack and bakery facilities

Infrastructure maintenance is vital to snack and bakery facility safety. If any plant area is not maintained properly, recalls and other potentially expensive negative consequences are bound to occur. Regular maintenance is crucial, and many types of software and other tools can aid this process. read more



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