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2019 QAD in the News

QAD News / December 30, 2019

Adaptive ERP Solutions Empower Transition to Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, or smart manufacturing, brings together multiple technologies like big data analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, 3D printing and augmented reality etc. to help manufacturing companies stay competitive. read more

QAD News / December 20, 2019

QAD 2020 Predictions: Food and Beverage Manufacturing Trends - Using Technology to Disrupt and Compete in 2020

Today, there are more food and beverage product choices than ever and more channels for consumers to buy those products. For example, the frozen food aisle for pizza is larger than the entire frozen food section from the grocery stores of 20 years ago. The industry is changing and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. read more

QAD News / December 18, 2019

QAD 2020 Predictions: AI is the Path to the Factory of the Future

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2020. Read them in this 12th annual series exclusive. read more

QAD News / December 16, 2019

QAD Is All In for Adaptive ERP Software

Manufacturing faces continual industry disruption. QAD, a venerable provider of enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies, works to enable manufacturing customers to adapt rapidly to that disruption. read more

QAD News / December 12, 2019

Collaboration with QAD allows De Bortoli Wines to leverage technology across a complex supply chain

De Bortoli Wines in Australia turned to QAD to find more efficient ways to operate a complex supply chain. Their focus was mainly around improving quality, compliance and optimization. (See pages 18 & 19) read more

QAD News / December 12, 2019

Connecting the enterprise

Experts from the Manufacturing vendor and analyst communities discuss current and possible trends and areas of development within the world of Digital Transformation - including those concerning Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Robotics, Cloud and Edge Computing. (See pages 7 & 8) read more

QAD News / December 04, 2019

De Bortoli Wines boosts quality, compliance and optimisation with QAD

De Bortoli Wines has grown to become one of Australia's largest family-owned wineries. Recently it has undergone an extensive program aimed at streamlining its operations in collaboration with QAD. read more

QAD News / November 22, 2019

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Adaptive ERP

In business, the mantra used to be: the big fish eats the small fish. But with the rate of change accelerating worldwide, the mantra has become: the fast fish eats the slow fish. Speed is everything. read more

QAD News / November 19, 2019

QAD 2020 Predictions: In 2020 a Quicker Response to Industry Disruption is Imperative

Historic disruption is occurring across the manufacturing industry. Customers have increasing expectations for personalized products and services that meet unique needs and requirements. Global trade rifts are impacting business uncertainty. Consumers are demanding transparency across labeling, sourcing and supply chain sustainability. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and robotic process automation introduce complexity in terms of which technologies should be adopted and which prove to be impractical. Response to these disruptions and pressures cannot occur fast enough for manufacturers that want to maintain and gain competitive advantages. read more

QAD News / October 22, 2019

Collaboration with QAD Allows De Bortoli to Leverage Technology Across A Complex Supply Chain

De Bortoli Wines operates a complex vertically and horizontally integrated business model that encompasses wine production and distribution from grape to glass. read more



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