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Fit For Today, Fit For Tomorrow

Aligning the right processes to your business strategy is critical in delivering what your customer requires. In an ever-changing business environment, the ability of an ERP system to respond to change, deliver fit to requirements over time and continue to support new business processes is crucial.


Cloud Users


Guaranteed Availability


Launched Cloud


Cloud ERP:

A Strategic Choice

A rapid response to change starts with the cloud, but cloud is more than a deployment decision, it’s a strategic choice. QAD Cloud ERP provides you the freedom to focus on your products and customers without the distraction of administering the hardware and systems of your ERP. Think about the possibilities of putting your valuable resources to work on more strategic projects, accelerating your journey toward the Effective Enterprise.

No Hardware, No Hassle


QAD Cloud ERP provides a flexible, predictable and most importantly, low-risk solution to managing your manufacturing business. Let us show you how simple ERP software can be.

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  Low Risk

Channel Islands

The Next Generation User Experience

The Effective Enterprise can only be realized when users are empowered to focus on driving business forward. QAD's user experience (UX) initiative - QAD Channel Islands - goes beyond a slick interface by employing user-centric research and design.

QAD Channel Islands empowers and enables the user. It provides a consistent, role-based and device-independent interface that's personalized to the activity and user to increase efficiency, simplify task completion and provide insight to decisions. We believe that an effective user is one whose tasks are streamlined, accelerated by supporting systems and perfectly aligned with the company's business processes.

Focus on the User

See our vision for the future of ERP

Through Channel Islands (QAD’s UX initiative), our users can access more information and collaborate more effectively.

Dan Waugh, GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Comvita


Enterprise Platform:

Eliminating ERP Customizations

An effective user in the cloud isn’t enough. Traditional ERP systems achieve greater fit though customizations which are costly and time consuming to create and maintain. Worst of all, they make your system more rigid, making upgrades to the latest functionality incredibly difficult. The QAD Enterprise Platform provides a better way.

QAD Enterprise Platform:

A Future Proof ERP System

The QAD Enterprise Platform was designed to make it simple to deliver functionality unique to each manufacturer’s needs without creating a rigid ERP system in the long-term. This means that future upgrades are not impaired or complicated by enhancements.

With an ERP system at its core, the QAD Enterprise Platform has the proven ability to run mission-critical, complex applications at scale, delivering greater than 99.5% application uptime in the cloud. The QAD Enterprise Platform is cloud independent, allowing QAD to select the best cloud to meet our customers needs over time.


ERP Software That Fits Today and Tomorrow

QAD Cloud ERP, QAD Channel Islands and the QAD Enterprise Platform allow manufacturers to maximize the return on their ERP software investment by more easily achieving greater levels of fit to business requirements and rapidly responding to change. This ensures the strategic business alignment of the ERP system now and into the future.


Advanced Technologies


Competition Drives Change, Technology Fuels It


Advanced technologies under the umbrella of Industry 4.0, are being used for competitive advantage in Manufacturing across industries and the supply chain. To remain competitive, manufacturers should plan to adopt new technologies rapidly while sustaining current daily operational execution. The QAD Enterprise Platform, due to its loosely coupled architecture using REST-based APIs, allows for new advanced technologies to be easily adopted and updated. This pragmatic approach supports the technologies that deliver real value today and provides the flexibility to adapt to the technologies of tomorrow.


Best Practice Processes for Manufacturing

By providing a solution that is focused on six manufacturing industries, and even more concentrated on best practices in 24 vertical segments, QAD delivers a greater fit minimizing the gap between the solution and your unique needs. With the QAD Enterprise Platform, last-mile functionality is easier to achieve and maintain.

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QAD Cloud ERP's Effectiveness Starts Strong and Grows with Plasan

QAD Cloud ERP has proven to be stable, easy to implement, with all the functionality and accreditations needed by Plasan now and for the future.

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Moving to the Cloud Proves Premium Choice for Premium Chocolate Company

Learn how Haigh's Chocolates met the challenge of blending tradition and quality with technology for expansion.

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Source-to-Shelf Company Leaps into the Future as Early Adopter of QAD Channel Islands UX

Find out how Comvita moved their worldwide QAD's ERP solution to the cloud in order to easily grow and expand their business.

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