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Whether it’s time to move to the cloud or you want someone to streamline your business processes, our global team of QAD-certified consultants is ready to deliver.


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When You Need Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to QAD or a longtime customer, you always want to align software functionality to your business to get the most out of your solution. QAD Services works side-by-side to help you on your journey to become an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise, from the planning and design stages to implementation and managing your system going forward. Engage with us when you are:

  • Implementing new sites or solutions
  • Upgrading versions
  • Moving to the cloud
  • Optimizing your business processes and systems
  • Customizing your solution for unique business requirements

What You Get with QAD Services

Successful software deployments require experienced, knowledgeable resources that understand your business. These are the things you can count on when working with our expert Consulting and Transformation Services team:

  • Quality assurance and project management
  • Years of experience
  • Quick and easy implementation through our proven Easy On Boarding methodology
  • Global best practices with local expertise
  • Fixed time, budget, scope
  • A strong partner ecosystem
  • Agreed upon success measures

How We Measure Success

If you don’t measure your business, how can you be successful? QAD Services measures success at three different levels. For example, a typical customer might reach out to us to lower inventory costs. This is how we would measure the outcome of our project against that goal:

High Level Goal
Our goal is to increase your inventory turns to decrease inventory costs.

Specific Metrics to Improve
We will improve inventory turns from 6 to 10.

Quantifiable Business Benefits
The increase inventory turns will result in a savings of $450K.
High Level Goal Metrics Library Quantifiable Business Benefits


Making a Case for an Upgrade

Wander Ltd. found their Q-Scan helped them to make the case to their parent company for an ERP system upgrade, which reaped benefits of both cost and time savings.

QAD Helps SOLAFT Drive Continuous Improvement

SOLAFT Filtration Solutions partners with QAD to gain valuable insights, implement leading-edge solutions and set the stage for continuous improvement.

Easy On Boarding

Get a scalable, predefined process with predictable costs for your next QAD ERP solution implementation.

We take pride in having a very personal, relevant, and pragmatic approach toward customer service.

Anton Chilton, Chief Executive Officer

Anton Chilton, Chief Executive Officer
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