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ANCA is building their Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

ANCA is a market leader in quality CNC grinding machines and CNC systems including grinding endmills, profile cutters, burrs and punches.

A Complete Solution for Your Entire Enterprise

QAD Adaptive ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution designed exclusively for global manufacturing. It supports best-in-class, industry-specific business processes and flexible deployment options.


Are you satisfied with your throughput and operational efficiency?

Supply Chain

Do you have visibility into demand to react to changes quickly?

Customer and Service Management

Is your order cycle time faster than your competition's?


Can you close your books everywhere in the world quickly and on time?


Can you measure performance and monitor trends throughout the organization?


Do your systems connect to each other and to your trading partners?

Gain Supply Chain Control by Moving to the Cloud ERP

Find out how Comvita moved their QAD food and beverage ERP solution to the cloud in order to easily grow and expand their business worldwide.

QAD EQMS Results in a 50 Percent Reduction in Man Hours

Learn how Saft Batteries uses QAD EQMS to compete in a demanding and exacting market.

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