Household and Personal Packaged Products


Increase demand and supply chain visibility

Streamline mixed mode manufacturing with built-in quality management

Improve customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and service excellence

Support global financial operations with complete localization and internationalization

More easily and accurately comply with safety mandates and traceability regulations

QAD provides household and personal packaged products manufacturers a complete solution that includes full-featured ERP and several related capabilities such as quality management, trade management, transportation management, warehouse management and demand planning. 

Household and Personal Packaged Products Value Chain


The QAD solution helps household and personal packaged product manufacturers better manage seasonality and promotions and uses buying pattern data resulting in more accurate forecasts. It provides a range of task automation and supports replenishment and inventory analysis across warehouses. Use the solution to optimize shipments while meeting compliance and international documentation requirements.

Reduce manual process costs and errors by automating complaint management and quality-related processes.

Increase inventory turns by using sophisticated forecasting methods and detecting demand forecast changes as they happen.

Improve delivery in-full on-time (DIFOT) through better supply chain insight and accurate tracking of in-process inventory.

QAD Household and Personal Packaged Products Solution Overview

The household and personal packaged products industry consists of personal and home-use products like soaps, detergents, cleaning agents and cosmetics. This complex industry is evolving with an expanding value chain that includes internet buying, discount and dollar stores. Trends driving change include growing consumer demand for personalized and custom products, lower-priced options, expensive materials and ingredients and increased product safety regulations. These changing industry demands make optimizing margins a difficult challenge.

Customer satisfaction in the household and personal packaged products industry hinges on delivery performance. Manufacturers in this industry require end to end visibility and streamlined processes to successfully manufacture high-quality products and deliver them on time. Customers also increasingly want personalized, high-quality service that requires short order cycle times, perfect orders, self-service options, fast delivery, high quality, custom configurations, timely service, comprehensive support and accurate invoicing.

In addition to meeting customer expectations, household and personal packaged products manufacturers often need to integrate acquisitions, introduce new products and comply with safety regulations – all resulting in complex forecasting and business process management. To deal with these requirements, manufacturers in this sector often require complex mixed-mode manufacturing operations. In addition, quality metrics, central model management and automated data collection help ensure accurate, complete product, material and inventory information. Intuitive planning tools synchronize production to changing demand. Built-in quality management supports meeting customer and compliance demands.

QAD has a proven record of providing effective ERP and related solutions for household and personal packaged products manufacturers that allows them to adapt to changes while streamlining distribution, manufacturing and procurement processes. QAD helps these manufacturers readily adapt to the challenges of changing consumer demand, inventory management, supply chain management, financial management, transportation management and compliance in today’s global marketplace. Key solution components include:

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

QAD QMS (Quality Management System)

QAD TMS (Transportation Management System)

QAD Financials

QAD Warehousing

QAD Configurator

An overview of the first three critical solutions follows. For information about the other processes, please visit

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

Demand Planning, part of QAD DSCP, generates more reliable forecasts and helps better manage product lifecycle events, directly impacting inventory effectiveness and customer service. Typical measurements related to these KPIs include DIFOT, Forecast Accuracy, Line Item Fill Rate and Inventory Accuracy. The result: bottom line improvements to cost of sales, margin and revenue.

QAD DSCP provides a sophisticated tool to build and manage forecasts, improving reliability and accuracy by collaborating with all the players involved in the forecasting process. Organizations can manage forecasts at any level – customer, item, group or family – with input from a variety of sources, such as sales representatives, customers, marketing and finance. This enables true collaboration, one of the keys to improving forecast accuracy. It creates sales forecasts based on historical data, market analysis data and customer production data. It also supports strategic and operational alignment with S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) capabilities.

QAD DSCP uses sophisticated statistical modeling to pinpoint statistical anomalies that can skew demand, smooth historical data if applicable, determine the effect of exceptional events, and generate a forecast for each individual item, automatically selecting the best-fit statistical model. 

Demand and Supply Chain Forecasting Model

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

QAD TAM provides the ability to use historical information to help plan promotions. It increases visibility of all discounts earned against promotional deals, available on a real-time basis. Promotional data is maintained at the invoice line level including all relevant details needed for profitability analysis. Manufacturers can copy varying levels of detail from live promotions and/or create templates.

QAD TAM provides flexible deal management capabilities for individuals and groups by customer and items. Deal categories as immediate discount and order line/order level discounts commonly referred to as off-invoice deals. Examples include deferred discount – future discounts based on sales activity commonly referred to as bill-back and rebate deals; bonus goods – free or discounted goods based upon previous order lines; allocated funds – fixed monies with a defined payment schedule independent of sales activity commonly referred to as lump sum deals.

It also delivers an efficient and powerful solution for managing deductions. Key deduction management capabilities include:

Deduction Review Workbench: A central dashboard for viewing and maintaining deductions.

Earned Discount Visibility: Deduction monies ‘assumed’ are easily validated against open Earned Discounts visible immediately within the Deduction Review screen. 

QAD TAM simplifies the promotional, deal and pricing process to ensure manufacturers do not miss out on revenue opportunities. 

Trade Contract Activity Center

QAD QMS (Quality Management System)

QAD QMS offers advanced capabilities that can help household and personal packaged products progress from manual quality processes, to integrated quality control, to fully integrated quality management across the value chain. Built around a workflow engine with user-configurable processes, notifications and escalations, QAD QMS automates core business processes including:

  • Document Control for the central storage and management of controlled documents, including approval workflows, archiving and audit trails
  • Complaint handling to comply with GMP regulations
  • CAPA/NCR to provide an automated closed loop solution for problem resolution
  • Employee Training for the management and qualification of key personnel
  • Reporting capability to support both internal and external audits

QAD QMS ensures complete synchronization of the quality management system allowing documents to link to operator-training requirements and adjacent systems, ensuring subsequent changes to the document will synchronize throughout the system. Because of the integration, QAD QMS offers easy, fast access to key performance indicators and metrics, supporting well-informed decisions.

QAD QMS Defect Tracking Dashboard


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