Jewelry Manufacturing


Improve supplier management and collaboration to tighten inventory control

Integrate quality management into core processes to reduce risk

Improve warehousing and transportation processes to ensure on-time delivery

Synchronize sales and operations with strategy to ensure accurate forecasting

QAD offers jewelry manufacturers a full-featured solution to help manage key aspects of their business, meet industry challenges and become more agile to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. The QAD solution assists manufacturers shorten product lifecycles, offer configured products, manage valuable materials and components and run successful promotions. The solution also provides manufacturers the ability to better collaborate with suppliers and manage a complex and changing value chain.

Jewelry Value Chain

Key capabilities of the QAD solution for jewelry manufacturers include material traceability, supplier management, demand planning, supply chain execution, quality management, global financials, promotions management, traceability and warehouse management. These and other capabilities provide the ability to control manufacturing processes and improve the management of expensive and sensitive inventories while better meeting customer demand.

Improve collaboration with suppliers through better planning and synchronization to ensure material quality and fair pricing of rare and expensive raw materials.

Increase inventory turns, manage sensitive inventories and reduce costs by using sophisticated forecasting methods and inventory planning.

Improve warehousing and transportation processes through better warehouse planning and improved transportation management systems.

Deliver products consumers prefer on time by aligning supply chain planning processes with promotional activities and product configuration.

QAD Jewelry Manufacturing Solution Overview

Jewelry manufacturers make a variety of finished products ranging from luxury items to value-priced fashion and costume jewelry. Production processes also vary from making individual pieces by hand, requiring a skilled workforce, to mass production.

The increasingly global jewelry industry sources material components from around the world. Industry demand is tied to economic conditions which dictates consumers’ disposable income. The internet, mobility and social media have changed the industry by introducing new buying models and supporting an increase in the rate of change of consumer preferences. Jewelry is becoming more individualized and customized.

Inventory traceability is critical throughout the manufacturing process due to the use of high-end materials such as precious metals and valuable gems. Manufacturers sell their products through a variety of channels that include specialty stores, department and warehouse stores, online sales and often in the manufacturer’s own retail outlet.

To compete in the global, volatile and risky market, jewelry manufacturers need process visibility and streamlining. Managing the delivery of materials, often sourced from other countries, to meet demand is challenging. The high-value nature of many products in this segment complicates warehousing and transportation. Quality control is imperative. The highly competitive fashion and costume jewelry sector requires ongoing introduction of attractive items while controlling costs. Accurate forecasting is imperative to manage margins and manufacturers need to comply with a long list of changing financial regulations.

QAD Cloud ERP and related capabilities help global producers of jewelry address the many challenges in the industry and adapt rapidly to changing market conditions. QAD’s solution provides best-in-class, industry-specific business processes and flexible deployment options. The following are key processes and capabilities provided by the QAD solution.

QAD Supplier Portal — Supplier Management

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

QAD Warehousing

QAD TMS (Transportation Management System)

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

QAD Configurator

QAD QMS (Quality Management System)

Lean Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling Workbenches

QAD Service and Support Management — Warranties and Returns

An overview of the first three capabilities follows. For information about the other capabilities, please visit

QAD Supplier Portal

QAD Supplier Portal offers a web-based solution for manufacturer-supplier collaboration that supports any procurement model including discrete purchase orders, supplier schedules, Kanban and Vendor Managed Inventory including consignment and subcontract purchases. Manufacturers and suppliers share real-time information about inventory, replenishment requirements, demand, shipments, and invoices. QAD Supplier Portal alerts the manufacturer of any issue that might affect production or product delivery and includes track and trace functionality to help monitor incoming shipments.

Suppliers use self-service to acknowledge orders, record shipments, create Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs), create containers and print barcode labels. They can also generate draft invoices, making it easier to match shipments, receipts and invoices, and streamline the payment process. Better visibility into demand helps suppliers plan more effectively and reduces their costs which may translate into lower costs for the manufacturer.

Available 24x7x365, QAD Supplier Portal ensures that suppliers can review manufacturers’ requirements and check shipment receipts and invoice status, cutting administrative costs and reducing errors. The information sharing and streamlined communication provided by QAD Supplier Portal helps manufacturers meet customers’ ever-increasing demands, while better managing inventory and supply chain costs. 

QAD Supplier Portal Advance Shipping Notice Tracking

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

QAD DSCP supports the improvement of key metrics used by jewelry manufacturers by helping to build more accurate forecasts. QAD DSCP improves the reliability and accuracy of forecasts by ensuring collaboration across all departments and personnel involved in the forecasting process. Manufacturers can manage forecasts at any level – customer, item, group or family – with input from a variety of sources – sales representatives, customers, marketing and finance.

QAD Demand Planning creates sales forecasts based on historical data (typically EDI data), market analysis data and customer production data. It handles exceptional events such a holiday shutdowns. It uses sophisticated statistical modeling to pinpoint anomalies that can skew demand, can smooth historical data if applicable, determine the effect of exceptional events and generate a forecast for each individual item. It automatically selects the best-fit statistical model. It also simplifies the forecasting required by jewelry manufacturers that rely on new product introduction for revenues.

QAD DSCP Long Range Forecasting

QAD Warehousing

QAD Warehousing helps jewelry manufacturers manage complex warehousing operations efficiently by ensuring accurate tracking and management of all inventories and safely store high value items produced by jewelry manufacturers.

It helps control the movement and storage of material in the warehouse and provides all major warehouse management processes including receiving, inspection, put away, cross-docking, picking, shipping, cycle counting and bin-level location management and bonded warehousing. It supports the use of mobile devices and barcoding in the warehouse, streamlines material movement and storage by guiding warehouse staff through the most efficient way to store and retrieve parts.

A well-run warehouse results in decreased inventory while improving fulfillment, customer services and meeting manufacturing schedules. Automating processes using mobile devices in QAD Warehousing eliminates errors and reduces cost, ensuring compliance while improving gross margin and return on inventory investment. 

QAD Warehousing PO Browse within Material Handling


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