Candy and Confectionery


Improve supply chain governance and visibility

Comply with food safety rules and regulations

Track demand changes like seasonality with better forecasting

Improve customer satisfaction metrics

QAD offers a unique solution for candy and confectionery manufacturers that includes a full-featured ERP, industry-specific integrated processes and built-in best practices to help companies perform their key business functions while maintaining food quality standards and increasing profitability. It is simple to configure and may be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Candy and Confectionery Value Chain


Key capabilities include QAD Demand and Supply Chain Planning (QAD DSCP), Serialization with Data Collection & Label Printing, QAD Trade Activity Management (QAD TAM) and QAD Quality Management System (QAD QMS). These and other capabilities help candy and confectionery manufacturers meet regulatory requirements while maintaining the quality, integrity and time honored artisanship of candy making.

Customer service level improvements up to 98 percent and higher with greater supply chain visibility and demand planning.

Supplier performance and buyer productivity increases up to 25 percent with superior trade activity management.

Increases in supply chain effectiveness up to 20 percent and higher with improved forecasting and demand management.

Candy and Confectionery Solution Overview

The candy and confections industry is changing dramatically due to growing demand for luxury confections in emerging markets, increasingly strict GMO labeling regulations, sustainable ingredient sourcing and changing consumer preferences.

Over the last five years, sales of fat free candy are up eight percent, organic candy grew 65 percent and GMO-free candy has more than doubled. Sixty-four countries now have genetic engineering labeling laws. Manufacturers are incorporating fruits, nuts, grains and even vegetables in response to consumer demands for healthier products while still indulging in candy and confections. To protect consumer safety, confectionery companies must implement traceability and product genealogy capabilities. In meeting these new demand and regulatory challenges, manufacturers must manage more recipes, complex ingredient inventories, supplier relationships and quality standards.

QAD incorporates industry best practices, in addition to a full-featured solution, to help confectionery manufacturers readily adapt to these challenges in meeting consumer demand, inventory and supply chain management, financial management, compliance and transportation needs in today’s global marketplace.

The following are critical business and manufacturing processes addressed by QAD’s solution that helps candy and confectionery manufacturers successfully address their challenges and sustain growth:

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

Automation Solutions: Serialization with Shop Floor Data Collection and Label Printing

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

Planning and Scheduling Workbenches

QAD QMS (Quality Management System)

QAD Supplier Portal

QAD Customer Self-Service

QAD Warehousing

QAD Business Intelligence

An overview of the first three critical processes follows. For information about the other processes, please visit

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

In the candy and confectionery industry, supply chain planning and S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) are critical processes. QAD DSCP supports improvements in these key areas by providing tools to build and manage forecasts, improving reliability and accuracy by collaborating with all the players involved in the forecasting process.

QAD DSCP helps reduce by decreasing inventory and better managing promotions and product life cycles to reduce inventory obsolescence and write-offs. Improve customer service by eliminating delays, reducing stock outs and better anticipating customer requirements. Decrease working capital requirements even as you provide a higher level of service with a lower level of inventory.

QAD DSCP Long-Range Forecasting Model

Automation Solutions: Serialization with Shop Floor Data Collection and Label Printing

Increased regulatory scrutiny is creating compliance challenges for candy and confectionery manufacturers. Track, trace and serialization capabilities are often mandatory to comply with current food regulations.

Serialization, when combined with QAD Automation Solutions − label printing and shop floor data collection − allows greater visibility and processes transactions more quickly and accurately. The solution enforces access control, preserves data integrity and manages changes throughout the product lifecycle. In addition to serialization and data collection for inventory tracking, it provides enhanced label printing services for the creation of customer and/or regulatory compliant labels. QAD also offers Product Genealogy for packaged products and raw materials with complete audit trails to ensure compliance with customer requirements and with industry standards such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). 

Serialized Inventory Browse with Label Printing

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

Promotional deals are essential in the competitive candy and confectionery market. Large wholesalers and distributors transact a huge amount of data with manufacturers that requires reconciliation. Group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts are dynamic and intricate. Other related challenges include constantly changing prices, contract terms and complex chargebacks. Many manufacturers use manual processes and rely on spreadsheets to manage this complexity which often results in significant loss of revenue due to short payments, double payments and incorrect contract terms.

QAD TAM automates this complex transactional environment, reducing errors, lowering costs and adding efficiencies.

Trade Contract Activity Center

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