Distilleries, Wineries and Brewing


Improve global supply chain visibility and meet changing consumer requirements

Manage the entire production process from harvest to bottle

Manage promotions to optimize profits

Achieve compliance with regulations and product traceability requirements

QAD offers distilleries, wineries and brewing manufacturers a complete solution to help meet the unique challenges of the highly competitive industry. The industry is earmarked by changing consumer preferences such as interest in craft beers, flavored spirits and innovative packaging. Effectively managing seasonality, promotions, distributors and brokers is essential to success. The comprehensive QAD solution helps companies synchronize critical processes to meet customer demand while also meeting compliance and international documentation requirements. 

Distilleries, Wineries and Brewing Value Chain

Key QAD capabilities include material traceability, demand planning, supply chain execution, quality management, global financials and product traceability. These and the QAD for Wineries solution provide distilleries, wineries and brewing companies control of manufacturing processes while meeting compliance requirements, controlling risk and continuously improving operations that align with business strategy.

Better manage manufacturing cycles through better planning, improved supplier management and efficient manufacturing management.

Increase inventory turns and reduce inventory by using sophisticated forecasting methods and detecting demand forecast changes as they happen.

Improve promotion and distribution management through advanced trade activity management and transportation management capabilities.

QAD Distilleries, Wineries and Brewing Solution Overview

The distilleries, wineries and brewing segment consists of manufacturers who make all types of alcoholic beverages. These manufacturers face a variety of challenges that include producing high quality products in a rapidly changing consumer market while meeting a variety of regulations.

The traditional alcoholic beverage demand pattern is changing. Global distribution of smaller distilled and craft brewed products is increasing at a rapid rate as are laws and regulations for product quality, tracking and distribution. Larger manufacturers face new competition. Keeping up with consumers’ shifting buying habits has dramatically changed the way the industry forecasts demand and manages promotions.

Government regulations in this industry have always been strict and every country has its own laws. In the United States and Canada, laws vary by province and state in terms of what products can be distributed. Regulations for product traceability and labeling documentation demand careful management by manufacturers to comply.

QAD Cloud ERP and related QAD capabilities help manufacturers address the unique challenges in the alcoholic beverage sector. The QAD solution is based on best-in-class, industry-specific business processes including the capabilities to meet regulatory requirements. The QAD for Wineries Module assists with the unique cost control and lot management needs in this industry. The solution manages the mixing of the grapes and other ingredients to control the manufacturing process up to the point the product is ready for bottling. This solution is also applicable to brewing and distilling.

The following are key processes provided by QAD to help distilleries, wineries and brewing manufacturers successfully address their challenges.

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

Lot Trace Workbench

QAD QMS (Quality Management System)

Item Level Serialization

Planning and Scheduling Workbenches

QAD Supplier Portal — Supplier Management

QAD Warehousing

QAD Enterprise Asset Management

QAD TMS (Transportation Management System)

An overview of the key processes in this industry follows. For information about the other processes, please visit QAD.com.

QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning)

QAD DSCP supports the improvement of key metrics used by alcoholic beverage manufacturers by providing tools to better build and manage forecasts. QAD DSCP improves the reliability and accuracy of forecasts by ensuring collaboration across all departments and personnel involved in the forecasting process. Manufacturers can manage forecasts at any level – customer, item, group or family – with input from a variety of sources – sales representatives, customers, marketing and finance.

QAD Demand Planning creates sales forecasts based on historical data (typically EDI data), market analysis data and customer production data. It handles exceptional events such as holiday shutdowns. It uses sophisticated statistical modeling to pinpoint anomalies that can skew demand, can smooth historical data if applicable, determine the effect of exceptional events and generate a forecast for each individual item. It automatically selects the best-fit statistical model. It also supports situations where manufacturers rely on new product introduction for significant revenues.

QAD DSCP Long-Range Forecasting 

QAD TAM (Trade Activity Management)

QAD Trade Activity Management provides the ability to use historical information to plan promotions. It provides increased visibility of all discounts earned against promotional deals, available on a real-time basis. Promotional data is maintained at the invoice line level and includes all relevant details needed for profitability analysis. Manufacturers can copy varying levels of detail from live promotions or create templates from past promotions.

QAD Trade Activity Management provides flexible deal management capabilities for individuals and groups by customer and items. Deal categories include Immediate discount and order line/order level discounts commonly referred to as Off-Invoice deals. These may include deferred discount – future discounts based on sales activity commonly referred to as Bill-back and Rebate deals; bonus goods – free or discounted goods based upon previous order lines; allocated funds – fixed monies with a defined payment schedule independent of sales activity commonly referred to as Lump Sum deals.

QAD Trade Activity Management delivers an efficient and powerful solution for managing deductions. Key deduction management capabilities include the Deduction Review Workbench for viewing and maintaining deductions and Earned Discount Visibility.

Trade Contracts Activity Center

Lot Trace Workbench

The Lot Trace Workbench helps distilleries, wineries and breweries quickly access complete lot/serial-based transaction history. It provides full traceability – from sourcing to manufacturing and shipment – and a complete audit trail of all lot or serial numbered items. In real-time, manufacturers can take any lot or serial number of a product and identify where it was used, where it was shipped it, and where it is now.

Recently the standards and directives to promote product safety have changed from reactive methods to proactive. Global regulating bodies now focus on problem prevention and are tailoring laws and compliance regulations to minimize events. Because of the enormity and complexity of complying with such requirements, having a fully automated quality management system is critical to track and meet these industry requirements. QAD QMS (Quality Management System) works with Lot Trace Workbench to provide a complete set of tools distilleries, wineries and brewers need to continuously comply with regulations

Lot Trace Workbench Lot/Serial Item Search


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