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Soluzioni ERP costruite per i produttori di Prodotti di Consumo

In today’s culture where instant gratification drives what consumers buy, it's vital for manufacturers to stay ahead of the constant changes. Product development and replenishment life-cycles can shrink, supply chains feel the impact of every buying pattern shift, and manufacturers face tightening margins. In order to gain share and increase profit, consumer products companies must anticipate and meet customer demand on the shelf, while managing their margins and complying with ever-evolving safety and environmental regulations.

ERP solutions for consumer products and consumer goods.


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Con QAD, Wesco sta costruendo la loro Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

WESCO è diventato un marchio ben noto nel mercato dei materiali didattici grazie alla continua innovazione e alla creazione e selezione di prodotti di qualità.

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Key Consumer Products Vertical Segments:

At QAD, we deliver high-quality, industry-focused ERP software to manufacturing companies. To take your business to the next level, we offer focused attention on vertical segments for each of our industry editions. We’re here to help you become an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

End to end supply chain visibility and efficient processes are critical to the ability of household and personal packaged goods companies to successfully manufacture high quality products and deliver them on time. They must improve processes; effectively manage trade and promotional requirements, and track products and information across the entire supply chain.

Consumer electronics manufacturers compete in a constantly changing marketplace where the ability to rapidly develop and introduce new products is critical to their success. QAD can help reduce costs, improve supplier and customer collaboration, manage high volume materials and shorten product lifecycles while maintaining profitability.

Manufacturers of assembled and discrete products are looking to gain market share, increase products by meeting customer demand and address the ongoing push for new products. QAD can help these companies streamline manufacturing processes, improve customer service and manage complex supply changes.

The ability of jewelry manufacturers to track materials, manage bonded warehousing and sensitive transportation methods while minimizing manufacturing costs is essential to maintaining profits and competitive advantage. QAD provides full traceability and the ability to manage inventories of sensitive or high value items and products.

QAD Adaptive ERP

Our solutions help consumer products manufacturers manage and optimize their value chain.

Gestione della Produzione

Can you effectively introduce new products faster and more effectively while maintaining operational efficiency and minimizing costs?

Gestione della Supply Chain

In today’s environment where change is the only constant, can your planning processes keep up?

Gestione Clienti

Are you in tune with your customer’s strategy and promotional activity?

Amministrazione e Finanza

Do you have the necessary tools to support global growth, expansion and margin improvement?

Analisi e Reporting

Can you easily access your customer information with visibility to make rapid and fact based decisions?

Integrazioni con altri Sistemi

Do you have the ability to easily communicate with both your customers and suppliers?

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Kendra Scott, Fondatrice e CEO della Kendra Scott Jewelry (U.S.)

Kendra Scott, Fondatrice e CEO della Kendra Scott Jewelry (U.S.)

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