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ERP Solutions Built for Industrial Manufacturing

Discover an Industrial ERP that includes smart solutions for manufacturers. Today’s global industrial customers are demanding more configure-to-order, make-to-order, and assemble-to-order products. The modern, agile industrial manufacturer must be responsive and able to deliver with the highest quality and timeliness. The fluctuating demand leads to significant challenges in managing the internal supply chain, coordinating the extended vendor ecosystem, controlling costs, ensuring quality, tracking production, and optimizing inventory levels. QAD's Industrial ERP meets these challenges to exceed the expectations of your industry.

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DS Smith sta costruendo la loro Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

DS Smith ha beneficiato dell'uso di dati di alta qualità per guidare i suoi criteri decisionali, ottimizzare i loro processi e migliorare l'automazione.

Key Industrial Vertical Segments:

At QAD, we deliver high-quality, industry-focused ERP software to manufacturing companies. To take your business to the next level, we offer focused attention on vertical segments for each of our industry editions. Our Industrial ERP solutions are here to help you become an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

Packaging manufacturers face rapidly changing product configurations and pressure due to increased material costs, an increased focus on sustainability and changing customer requirements. Operational effectiveness is an imperative to manage costs, coordinate production schedules and exceed customer service level expectations.

Industrial manufacturers of engineered materials transform raw materials into products adherent to strict physical characteristic specification and delivered in unprecedented diversity in terms of sizes, shapes and orientation. Operational effectiveness is an imperative to manage material costs, coordinate production schedules, align with tight quality expectations and exceed customer service levels.

Contract manufacturers deliver capacity and manufacturing acumen within aggressive project timelines that require significant system flexibility. Production must support limited prototype runs through ramping to full-scale high-volume manufacturing. Effective capacity management is essential while resolving difficult scientific and technical problems, delivering comprehensive quality and production records.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) design/build complex aggregation of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components. OEMs are constantly challenged to manage the complex supply chain of multi-tier BOMs, track genealogy of equipment models and support aftermarket requirements while exceeding their clients’ expectations of life cycle investment value.

Based on an ever-changing set of material and component, industrial remanufacturing requires unprecedented system flexibility to adjust to dynamic production processes and coordinate a supply chain planning systems, execution systems and IT infrastructure flexibility are key contributors to successful remanufacturing and delivery of revitalized equipment.

Uniform material quality at just the right physical dimensions is critical to delivering profitability in an industry with typically very tight financial margins. Operational effectiveness is an imperative to manage material costs, coordinate production schedules, align with tight quality expectations and exceed customer service levels.

QAD Adaptive ERP

Our solutions offer a full range of capabilities across the most challenging industrial environments.

Gestione della Produzione

Do your systems drive lean and responsive production?

Gestione della Supply Chain

Can you outperform your competitors with a supply chain that responds to the dynamic forces of the modern market?

Gestione Clienti

Can you drive customer satisfaction and production accuracy with a flexible order entry configurator?

Amministrazione e Finanza

Is your global enterprise reaping the benefits of an integrated, compliant and transparent business system?

Analisi e Reporting

Are you fostering continuous improvement through accessible KPIs and integrated analytics?

Integrazioni con altri Sistemi

Are you able to arrive at one version of the truth through reliably integrated systems and data sources?

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Tamika Bell, IT, Endura Products

Tamika Bell, IT, Endura Products

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