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We aim to help our customers become Effective Enterprises, but what does that mean?

A Vision for the

All aspects of our solution are architected to support the Effective Enterprise. In an ever changing world, continuous improvement is a fundamental requirement for achieving this vision.

What is an Effective Enterprise?

Ef∙fec∙tive En∙ter∙prise / ə’fectiv en(t)ər,prīz / noun

  1. QAD’s vision for our customers.
  2. Every business process running at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned to the company’s strategic goals.

Where Manufacturing Is Number One

One size does not fit all when it comes to ERP software, and that’s why we put our focus on six manufacturing industries — providing you with the functionality you need without the distraction and complexity of functionality you don’t need and don’t want. This reduces the effort, cost and time to benefit. Reduced complexity provides a more flexible ERP solution after implementation.


Effective automotive enterprises continuously focus on quality, cost and delivery while at the same time optimizing operations and reducing risk. Today's automotive enterprises must effectively manage volatile demand, innovation, supply chain complexities, industry and customer compliance, and employee skills in order to obtain or retain a preferred supplier status.

Consumer Products

Consumer product manufacturers have always adapted to consumer behavior, but today’s consumers’ desires may change in a moment. Product lifecycles shrink; supply chains are impacted with every buying pattern shift; and margins are tightening. QAD incorporates the best processes and features to help consumer product manufacturers readily adapt to change.

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage consumers want products that are portable, convenient, easy to prepare and healthy all at the same time. Supply chains are expanding, government regulations are increasing and profits are shrinking. QAD incorporates industry best practices to help food and beverage manufacturers readily adapt to challenges and succeed.

High Tech

High tech and custom electronics manufacturers deliver across the broad spectrum of make-to-order products through higher volume COTS offerings. Each manufacturer operates to an unflinching quality imperative and a comprehensive serialization/genealogy requirement.QAD enables these manufacturers with a foundational platform of planning, execution and reporting capability that is inherently designed to meet the constant challenges of change.


Customized product offerings and delivering in a make-to-order environment has become the standard for modern industrial manufacturing. Operational effectiveness has become the imperative and the associated challenges heighten the need for collaborative planning and execution. QAD enables the Effective Enterprise with a foundational platform for demand planning, supply chain coordination, production execution and actionable business metrics.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences manufacturers become Effective Enterprises by embracing patient safety, innovation, product quality, compliance and operational excellence. Increasing cost pressures, regulatory demands and supply chain complexities are creating new challenges but agile organizations with functionality purpose-built to meet their business needs can adapt quickly.

The Beauty Of
Modular Design

The modular design of our software allows customers to select only the enhanced areas they want to upgrade without needing to upgrade the entire application. This makes upgrades smaller, faster and easier. Helping you to stay current and reducing the gap between your business needs and what your ERP provides.

Embracing the Enterprise Platform

Customers have unique needs, so we’ve extended the concept of modular design to deliver the QAD Enterprise Platform. This allows our partners and customers to easily deliver the last mile functionality to provide the flexible ERP you need today without creating a rigid system that will make it harder to achieve fit tomorrow.

Leveraging services provided by the PaaS such as mobile, embedded analytics, user experience (UX) personalization, collaboration and IoT / automation, solutions can be rapidly deployed. No need to reinvent the wheel or pay for it twice. Solutions developed on the platform provide the benefits of customization without the need for intrusive code that creates version lock-in.

Enterprise Platform Diagram

Manufacturing ERP Software In The Cloud

From an IT perspective, our cloud ERP solution frees up your valuable IT resources to concentrate on the strategic aspects of ERP — namely process improvement and roadmap — while leaving the tactical components of infrastructure and application management to us.

From a business perspective, cloud-based ERP allows you to focus on what’s most important to you: your customers and your products knowing that your ERP systems are being run by someone equally as passionate about their customer's success.

Learn more QAD's Stratus Award

QAD was named the 2016 Enterprise Cloud Company of the Year in the Stratus Awards for cloud computing conducted by the Business Intelligence Group. The Stratus Awards identify and acknowledge distinguished companies, products and people offering unique solutions that take advantage of cloud technologies.

ERP Software With Continuous Improvement

Through award winning customer engagement, QAD delivers a continuous improvement approach to ensure alignment for the long term between your business strategy, the people, process and best practices you utilize to achieve your goals and the technology that supports it. We meet with each customer, every year to understand their business challenges and how to overcome them. We review your performance against your desired outcomes and leveraging our KPI framework, discuss the process, skills and best practices that impact these outcomes.


A Partner In ERP Software

QAD’s approach leads to a lower cost and lower risk phased project. We are focused on achieving enterprise-wide business outcomes through process review and business transformation. Since the only constant is change, you need a partner who can help over the long term to ensure this alignment remains strong as the market evolves.

Let's Build an Effective Enterprise

You are not alone. We stand with you every day. From day one of solution design to every day that follows after you go live and beyond, we partner with you as you work to achieve operational excellence.

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