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2020 QAD in the News

QAD News / September 30, 2020

QAD Offers Diagnostic Tool to Help Manufacturers Gauge Their Ability to Handle Disruption

QAD Inc. announced the availability of the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model Diagnostic, a complimentary new tool designed to help manufacturing companies gauge their ability to recognize and adapt to disruption. read more

QAD News / September 28, 2020

Preparing for Foreseeable Change

How an adaptive manufacturing enterprise is essential for helping to prepare for change in a world filled with constant disruption. read more

QAD News / September 11, 2020

How Local and Regional Sourced Products Can Help Improve a Strapped Food Supply Chain

Manufacturers need to be creative in dealing with the more complex supply chain required to acquire ingredients and food products that will eventually be converted into finished food items. read more

QAD News / September 10, 2020

The case for Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises in disruptive times

Brent Dawkins takes a look at five core technology-enabled capabilities that can transform a manufacturer into an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise. read more

QAD News / September 08, 2020

COVID Emphasizes Potential of Digital Manufacturing

There are four main areas where ERP and digital transformation can stimulate operational efficiencies and business agility. read more

QAD News / September 01, 2020

Why Trade Compliance Matters

For many companies, regulatory compliance is something of an afterthought — a “cost of doing business” issue that must be dealt with as they grow their global trade activities. read more

QAD News / August 27, 2020

Remote Implementation is a Reality, Here's How to Do It

Among the many new restrictions on our daily lives during the current pandemic crisis, the inability for many of us to return to work ‘as usual’ has been one of the most difficult to manage. Employers’ efforts to keep their workforce safe have led to an increase in employees working from home and many organizations have found that they were ill-prepared for a remote workforce. This has been particularly challenging for manufacturers for obvious reasons. read more

QAD News / July 29, 2020

A Connected Supply Chain is More Important than Ever in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is having a transformative effect on manufacturing supply chains. Digitalization is creating greater access to information across trading partners aided by advanced technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, RPA and others. read more

QAD News / July 28, 2020

Demand Planning 101 – The First Step to Managing the Supply Chain

Today’s supply chains have become increasingly complex and almost impossible to manage. Globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and changes in consumer behavior are just a few of the disruptors that have made managing a manufacturing supply chain a daunting task at best. read more

QAD News / July 23, 2020

Risk Planning, the Black Swan and the Resilient Supply Chain

The COVID-19 outbreak is shaking the global economy and disrupting supply chains. Companies in nearly every industry are confronting existential threats. In order to deal with the uncertainty and prepare themselves for the next disruption, many are implementing scenario management planning. read more

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