Global MMOG/LE Standards

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Keep Your Supply Chain Effective

The growing automotive industry depends on a standard level of performance for material flow throughout the supply chain. Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is the global standard for evaluating supply chain management processes against industry best practices. It facilitates effective relationships between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers.

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The Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is a comprehensive self-assessment that is widely recognized as a key standard for automotive supply chain excellence.

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Why Work with QAD on MMOG/LE?

QAD has a proven track record of successfully helping customers meet their standards and provides training like no other ERP vendor out there. QAD does the following to ensure best-in-class support in your MMOG/LE journey.
  • QAD has participated in the development of MMOG/LE since Version 2.
  • Certified QAD instructors provide training on behalf of AIAG/Odette.

  • Instructors from QAD educate suppliers at OEM, AIAG and Odette seminars.
  • QAD helps suppliers pass OEM reviews with the QAD MMOG/LE Q-Scan process.

  • A QAD expert was awarded by AIAG/Odette for participation in the implementation and development of MMOG/LE.
  • Process maps based on MMOG/LE are included in the Automotive Edition.

  • QAD published a solution sheet mapped to all 187 MMOG/LE criteria.
Increase in Supplier Rating from MMOG/LE
Inventory Reduction as a Direct Result of MMOG/LE
Reduction in Trainings Required Due to MMOG/LE
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What is in the MMOG/LE Assessment?

MMOG/LE is designed to assess your supply chain processes against industry best practices. The assessment contains:
  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Work Organization

  • Capacity & Production Planning
  • Customer Interface

  • Production & Product Control
  • Supplier Interface

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QAD is an MMOG/LE trainer on behalf of AIAG and Odette
in North America, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe.

QAD is a member of the global AIAG and Odette MMOG/LE Work Group and has participated in the standard's development and implementation since 2003.

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Need Help with Your MMOG/LE Assessment?

Are you looking for support with meeting your MMOG/LE requirements? Our unique consultation services ensure your business successfully completes the assessment.

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Auto Glass Maker Achieves MMOG/LE Level A Certification

QAD helped the automotive glass manufacturer further leverage the MMOG/LE assessment for business process and system improvements.

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