QAD Cloud CRM enables customers to become effective enterprises by providing the tools necessary to Increase profits by improving customer acquisition and retention. QAD Cloud CRM provides a 360-degree view of your customer, pulling together customer information from every part of your organization. Whether you need to review a customer’s order history, credit limit, complaints or other issues or just find out who are their decision makers, you will find all of the information in QAD Cloud CRM.


Save time — by consolidating information in one place so that salespeople don’t have to search for information before a customer visit.

Increase customer loyalty — by maintaining a complete list of all activities with each contact, noting successes to build on and problems to avoid.

Increase cross-sell and up-sell successes — by permiting salespeople to access complete customer sales history remotely with their mobile device.

Improve responsiveness to customer issues — by maintaining a log of customer issues, assigning issues to staff for resolution and using a calendar to manage follow up activities.


  • Provides complete access to customer information including quotes, orders invoices, accounts receivable, sales history, installed products and service calls in a single screen
  • Offers the sales team a graphical view of their sales performance, sales funnel and past-due sales activities in a Sales Dashboard that contains predefined sales key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Maintains prospect and customer profiles, business characteristics, locations, financial information and past sales history
  • Manages sales activities including meetings, phone calls, email messages, product demonstrations and more
  • Creates email alerts for follow up tasks, calls and meetings
  • Synchronizes activities with Microsoft Outlook® calendars for mobile visibility
  • Manages sales campaigns and analyzes campaign performance
  • Logs customer issues and assigns them to customer service staff for follow up with activities to advance the issue
  • Provides a full audit trail of issues through the customer lifecycle
  • Synchronizes data for salespeople who work remotely
  • Uses automatic alerts to move the sales cycle through defined steps and schedules