QAD Configurator provides complete rules-based product configuration, supporting configuration from quoting and order entry all the way through production planning, shop floor control, serialization, order fulfillment and after-sale service and support.

The need to be agile in delivering complex products is growing in many markets, and manufacturers have a challenge in addressing customer demand. Customers want mass customization. This customer demand conflicts with the need for companies to keep inventory low. It is nearly impossible to predict demand at the final product level of detail, and doing so may result in a needless buildup of never-used finished goods inventory.

Configurator helps in this entire process. By allowing companies to forecast and manufacture at the modular level, it can reduce inventory and lead-times. By allowing customers to define the exact product they want, it can improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs and reduce delivery times. It helps to control rework and eliminate errors by simplifying the manufacturer’s product technology and ensuring that requirements are consistent through the entire cycle from quote to delivery.

Configurator streamlines and improves the customer sales experience for configured items by providing tools to simplify configuring complex products during order entry without the need for technical knowledge of the product or system. Configurator captures engineering knowledge and guides salespeople through the configuration process, saving them time and effort, while ensuring that manufacturing can build the resulting configuration.

Product designs are repeatable, and sales data is available for analysis of common product choices, enabling companies to put scarce resources where they can be the most profitable.

Rules translate possible configurations into actual items, product structures and routings, enabling approved order to pass seamlessly to manufacturing. Configurator maintains complete manufacturing history, including serialization. Shipments optionally update customer service records, tracking the actual delivered configuration for future service activities.

Configurator operates seamlessly with forecasting and planning, allowing companies to forecast and manufacture at the modular level, reducing inventory and lead times. Requirements for options and accessories become visible.


The primary value you will receive from Configurator is faster, more accurate order processing, with fewer errors in order entry, manufacturing and shipment. Configurator provides complete rules-based product configuration, streamlining and improving the customer experience, while reducing time, cost and errors.

Reduces selling, general and administrative costs (SG&A). Comprehensive configuration rules increase efficiency and eliminate errors even for the most complex product configurations.

Reduces average order lead time. Fast, simple configuration helps salespeople to quickly configure orders and get customer sign-off, secure that manufacturing can build the final configuration.

Increases average revenue per sales order. Customers are automatically prompted to select additional options and accessories as part of the configuration process.

Reduces cost of sales. Order configurations comply with pre-defined engineering rules using standardized components and automatically generate product structures and routings for manufacturing without the need for engineer intervention. This reduces rework and costly mistakes.

Reduces inventory. Module forecasting and manufacturing support mass customization without inflating inventory.

Improves delivery lead time. Seamless integration between the sales configuration and the manufacturing product configuration reduces the time from order to shipment.

Decreases service costs. Complete configuration information is maintained for each product shipped to a customer, making it easier to plan spares and provide after-sales service.

Increases operating income margin. Configuration rules increase efficiency, eliminate non-value add processes and reduce costly errors.

Helps grow revenues. By reducing the need for engineers to assist with the selling process, they can focus on design and innovation, driving growth and market expansion.


  • Reduces cost and improves customer service by making it easy for sales administrators to enter orders for complex configured products.
  • Utilizes an intuitive questionnaire to guide customers and record specific customer product needs.
  • Eliminates costly configured order entry errors and offers one stop for order-to-design, with fewer people involved and less time required.
  • Speeds up the process of configuring complex products and getting customer approval by getting pricing built and agreed upon quickly.
  • Automatically generates configuration details using variables, features and rules, providing the best solution via real-time access to engineering knowledge base.
  • Frees up engineers to drive growth and market expansion through design and innovation by capturing engineering knowledge in an easy-tofollow configuration questionnaire.
  • Simplifies re-orders by maintaining complete details for previous configurations.
  • Increases up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by including options and accessories, ensuring you capture these additional revenue opportunities.
  • Cuts cost of sales and speeds up delivery by automatically translating product configurations into manufacturing product structures and routings.
  • Reduces inventory and shortens lead time by forecasting and manufacturing at the modular level.
  • Increases revenue and market share through outstanding customer service and product personalization, matching product to market demand and quickly introducing new features.