QAD Field Service Scheduler provides after-sales field service support, covering all aspects of servicing equipment after installation, from service calls to scheduled maintenance, to on-site repair. QAD Field Service Scheduler identifies, allocates and manages field resources, such as parts inventory, engineers and schedules.

QAD Field Service Scheduler schedules engineers based not only on proximity and availability, but also on whose skills best match the issue, specific service level commitments, the availability of spare parts and other factors.

QAD Field Service Scheduler will help reduce costs and improve customer service increase service engineers’ productivity and optimize service resources. QAD Field Service Scheduler easily integrates into QAD Service and Support Management and QAD Enterprise Applications customer data and inventory management, streamlining process time and management.


The primary value you will receive from QAD Field Service Scheduler is an integrated solution that manages people, skills and service parts inventory, increasing overall productivity.

Reduces average wait time — customer support representatives have an integrated solution with rapid access to key information such as installed product information, customer service history, warranty/contract data, service bills and routings, and spare parts inventory details.

Reduces average time to solve — dispatchers have complete problem and repair information, and visibility into service engineer schedules, skills and parts inventory. This ensures dispatchers send the right service engineer, with the right skills and the right parts, to meet or exceed Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Decreases service inventory cost — more visibility into service inventory helps companies plan more effectively, decreases excess inventory and reduces obsolescence without sacrificing quality service.

Improves visibility — schedulers, dispatchers and engineers have more visibility coordinating tasks and assignments based on parts allocation, fix time and scheduler view.

Improves productivity — intelligent mapping and planning for scheduling visits matches engineer proximity and skills to customer needs and provides visualization of each engineers’ day in advance.


  • Centralized, integrated scheduling and allocation of people, skills, and service parts inventories.
  • Better visualization and management of call status and engineer workload.
  • Identifies the right engineer to resolve the problem through more efficient call management and dispatching. 
  • Helps resolve calls quickly by matching skills and parts to fix the problem.
  • Reduces engineers wait time and minimizes travel time by efficiently dispatching calls.
  • Coordinates task and assignments based on parts allocation, fix time and scheduler view.
  • Easily identify, allocate and track engineers and materials.
  • Visualize plans and dynamically schedule engineers with Gantt chart for viewing with drag-and-drop capability.
  • Matches engineer availability, parts and skills with customer needs in one view.
  • Provides Service level agreement (SLA) performance visibility to meet contract parameters.
  • Optimizes travel and response times with geo/map information.