Designed for use by a field service engineer, QAD Mobile Field Service gives the technician fast and easy visibility of call assignments and end user details, and accelerates tasks like activity reporting and parts replenishment.

Mobile Field Service reduces costs associated with tracking inventory, recording labor and reporting expenses, and accelerates the time to invoice.


The primary value you will receive from Mobile Field Service will be an accurate view of service parts inventory usage and a more effective field technician force. You will be better able to achieve your targets for customer service and fulfillment metrics.

Streamlines service reporting. Allows field service engineers to use mobile devices to review assigned calls, order parts, and record customer service activities from the customer site.

Increases service level agreement (SLA) compliance. Dispatchers have visibility into service engineer schedules, skills and service parts inventory.

Increases first time fix rate. Both dispatchers and field service engineers can review information about problems and check they have the required skills and parts to the fix the problem the first time.

Decreases service inventory cost. Companies can plan more effectively, decreasing excess inventory and reducing obsolescence without sacrificing quality service. Use service bills and routings to anticipate service parts requirements, planning spares inventory more effectively and facilitating sharing among field service engineers. Reduce excess inventory and obsolescence.

Improves service margin. Efficient dispatching and material orders reduce wasted travel time and time waiting for parts.

Reduces time to customer site. Dispatchers have complete visibility into each service engineer’s schedule, allowing them to adjust schedules and communicate changes immediately.

Improves engineer effectiveness. Engineers arrive at the customer site prepared, with detailed information on their mobile device about the call, end-user, installed product and service history.

Reduces time to resolution and the number of visits per call. Resolve calls more quickly by getting the right engineer to the customer site, with the right skills and the right parts to fix the problem.

Simplifies parts replenishment. Engineers can review parts requirements and generate material orders from their mobile device.

Speeds up invoicing. Field service engineers use mobile devices to record parts, labor and services at the customer site and close their calls as soon as they finish the work, immediately flagging the call as ready for invoicing.

Reduces errors. Records costs as they occur. “Store and forward” technology enables the engineer to capture accurate and complete information, to be synchronized with the enterprise application next time they connect to the network.

Reduces customer disputes. Field service engineers can print a Field Service Report summarizing of all activities and expenses, and capture customer signature as proof of service before they leave the customer site.


  • Mobile Field Service reduces time to customer site through electronically communicating priorities and schedule changes to the field service engineer.
  • Improves engineer effectiveness by ensuring engineers arrive at the customer site with all the information they need.
  • Increases first time fix rates by dispatching an engineer with the right skills and the right parts.
  • Simplifies parts replenishment by enabling engineers to review parts requirements and generate material orders from their mobile device.
  • Reduces service inventory cost through detailed spare parts inventory tracking and more effective planning.
  • Reduces cost of service by minimizing travel time and time spent waiting for parts.
  • Reduces errors by recording parts, labor and expense costs as they are incurred.
  • Speeds up invoicing by capturing call activity at the customer site and closing calls as soon as work is completed. 
  • Decreases customer disputes by summarizing activities and providing on site customer sign off for proof of service.
  • Mobile Field Service allows field service engineers to use mobile devices to review assigned calls, order parts and record customer service activities from the customer site.