QAD Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) provides time-phased inventory management for a multi-distribution center environment. QAD DRP balances the need to meet ever changing customer demand while keeping costs down and inventory low, and also provide accurate requirements to manufacturing facilities.

Using QAD DRP, you will be able to reduce inventory across the distribution network while improving customer service levels by anticipating shifts in customer demand. Improved demand forecasting also improves the accuracy of your requirements to your manufacturing plants. QAD Distribution Requirements Planning also helps reduce o operating costs as fewer “trans-shipments” occur because inventory is at the wrong distribution centers (DC).


Improve customer service levels — by replenishing distribution inventory in anticipation of customer demand.

Reduce inventory levels across the distribution network — through improved visibility and monitoring of changes in customer requirements.

Balance supply and demand — in a time-phased manner for items transferred between sites.

Improve on time performance — of product deliveries to distribution centers and manufacturing plants.


  • Supports any configuration of manufacturing plants, DCs, central DCs (CDCs), warehouses, and stock transfer points
  • Fully integrates DRP with master scheduling and MRP
  • Transfer of material between sites creates appropriate inventory accounting entries and visibility of orders in transit
  • Support standard lot sizing and safety stock rules
  • Support a multi-tiered distribution network, with an unlimited number of levels/tiers