QAD Mobile Approvals provides management the ability to review, approve, disapprove and route pending requisitions, all from their iPhone or Android mobile device. Mobile Approvals reduce delays in the procurement process, reaching out to your busy executives in the approval process no matter where they are.

Mobile Approvals leverage the Global Requisition System (GRS), which lets you create multiple-line purchase requisitions and route them through the approval process. Based on the type of purchase, the cost, and the requestor’s department, the system ensures only authorized individuals approve the requisition.

Optionally, GRS sends e-mail messages throughout the requisition life cycle to communicate status and required actions to originators, end users, reviewers, approvers, and buyers. Multi-step approval processes identify and track each level of approval, for example, supervisor, manager and executive, and ensures completion of all required approvals prior to creating a purchase order.

Reviewers and approvers can use the features of GRS to modify, approve, deny or cancel entire requisitions or individual line items. When a requisition receives approval at the final level, the buyer uses approved requisition lines to build purchase orders.

Mobile Approvals exposes all of the functionality to users on their mobile device, routing requisitions to each of the required approvers for processing and capturing a complete audit trail.

Mobile Approvals also integrates with QAD Business Process Management, which uses a process modeler to set up and visually communicate the requisition approval process, color-coded to show what steps are complete and which are pending. When an approval has been pending for longer than a specified time, the system automatically reroutes the requisition to an alternate approver, sending an e-mail. The requisition appears immediately in the queue on their mobile device.

Integrated metrics capture statistics like the number of open requisitions per queue, and the average time to approve, helping identify potential for business process improvement.


The primary value you will receive from Mobile Approvals will be more accurate and efficient procurement processes. You will be better able to achieve your performance targets for key procurement and compliance metrics.

Decreases procurement cycle time. Mobile Approvals and built-in workflow with alerts speeds up the requisition approval process and alerts buyers immediately on final approval.

Reduces inventory investment. Mobile Approvals enables buyers to respond more quickly, reducing the need for safety stock and safety time. 

Eliminates waste and reduce errors. By leveraging mobile technology, you will waste less time and reduce errors. You will also have more control and visibility into the process.

Improves management efficiency. Pending approvals automatically display on the mobile device, with all the details. One click approves, denies, or reroutes a requisition, creating an email alert to ensure immediate attention.

Improves buyer efficiency. Automatic alerts notify buyers immediately upon final approval. Generates purchase orders from approved requisitions.

Helps ensure regulatory compliance. Multi-step approvals, with optional and required approvers, and complete audit trails to support regulatory compliance.


Provides the ability to review, approve, deny and route pending requisition approvals on an iPhone or Android mobile device. Process modeling with multi-step approvals helps ensure compliance and minimizes wait time.

  • Routes requisitions for approval to the approver’s mobile device (iPhone or Android) using a standard app downloadable from the QAD Store.
  • Single-click to approve, deny, re-route, or drill-down for more information.
  • Monitors approvals and automatically re-routes them to alternate approvers after a designated time has elapsed.
  • Mobile Approvals communicates status changes and required actions via e-mail.
  • Approved requisitions automatically routed to the buyer to build a purchase order.
  • Shorter wait time and faster procurement processes reduces the need for high inventory levels.
  • Creates approval routings based on the type of purchase, cost and requestor’s department, designating required approvers (vertical and horizontal) and maintains a complete audit trail.
  • Leverage business process management and color-coded process maps to define and monitor activities. Process maps visually portray the approval process, identifying completed, pending and future activities.
  • Mobile Approvals captures metrics such as open requisitions per queue and average time to approve, identifying potential areas for business process improvement.