QAD Purchasing enables customers to become effective enterprises by automating all phases of procurement from requisitioning, through purchase order creation and printing, to recording the receipt of goods and services. All purchasing requirements are supported including blanket orders with releases, discrete orders and service and supplies orders. QAD Purchasing provides the analytical tools necessary to reduce costs for services, supplies, raw and purchased parts by removing non-value added activities from the purchasing process in order to create a more efficient supply chain.

QAD Purchasing allows companies to give their suppliers visibility to their future purchasing requirements, helping suppliers be better prepared to accommodate changes in demand and keeping ontime delivery levels high.


Automates the purchasing process — by automatically converting approved requisitions to purchase orders.

Supports the global enterprise — by allowing global manufacturing companies to efficiently create, maintain, and route discrete multiple-line purchase requisitions through the approval process.

Supports multi-level approvals — where different levels of management have different levels of approval authority, automatically routing requisitions and purchase orders to the approver with the appropriate authority.

Accurate tracking of purchase orders — automatically notifying Buyers when PO’s are late.

Provides accurate, reliable requirements — to suppliers allowing them to order raw materials, plan production, and improve on-time deliveries.

Tracks corporate spend — by commodity, product, product group and supplier, providing the critical information needed for spend analysis.


  • Manage the entire purchasing process from the requisition entry, requisition approval, PO creation, PO Approval, PO print, through and including the receipt processes
  • Supports repetitive deliveries based upon agreed supplier schedules
  • Supports Blanket PO processes, giving the purchasing manager the ability to limit the amount of goods and services that can be purchased against a blanket while giving the user the ability to order against the blanket PO as needed.
  • Accurate, reliable requirements provide visibility to suppliers allowing them to order raw materials, plan production, and arrange on-time deliveries
  • Requisitions can be accessed, approved, denied or rerouted on mobile devices (iPhone and Android) while away from your desk.