QAD Release Management provides cumulative and requirements-based quantity accounting for customer-scheduled orders in high volume production environments with frequents shipments. QAD Release Management uses contractual controls to interpret customer demand and cumulative accounting for supplier-scheduled orders. This module gives you the ability to process customer planning, shipping and, if QAD PRO/PLUS is installed, sequenced schedule requirements.

Companies using QAD Release Managment have high production volumes, long term commitments with suppliers, frequent shipments from suppliers and normally use EDI or eCommerce.


Facilitates accounting — including cumulative and requirements-based quantity accounting for customer-scheduled orders.

Supports meeting contractural requirements — customer demand is interpreted and scheduled based on contractual obligations.

Ability to create supplier schedules — by combining both planning and shipping requirements or, if QAD PRO/PLUS is installed, create separate supplier planning and shipping schedules.


  • Customer schedule functionality enables users to process sales orders using a set of scheduled shipment dates and quantities rather than individual sales orders.
  • Both cumulative quantity management support and net requirements (non-cumulative) based support
  • Required ship schedules created using customer and ship-to calendars
  • Required ship schedule calculations with full audit
  • Identification of ship and planning requirements
  • Complete customer release history
  • Outbound Advance Ship Notice (ASN) support
  • Inbound ASN and receiving support
  • EDI, fax, Web (QAD Supplier Portal), paper output support
  • Unique discount tables for the various types of purchase orders (i.e. scheduled and discrete orders)