Selecting the right carrier to move your shipments cost effectively can be difficult. Carrier rates change depending on the origin and destination of each shipment and the type of cargo. Multimodal shipments are even more difficult to arrange, because they often involve more than one carrier. QAD Freight Management is a global multi-carrier parcel manifesting system that has been accredited by carriers throughout the world.

QAD Freight Management enables customers to become effective enterprises by managing both inbound and outbound shipments, providing centralized control and visibility throughout the shipment execution process. From one system, users can check rates, schedule routes, produce labels, manifest and manage levels of service for any mode of shipment. It also allows customers to complete the entire shipment lifecycle by auditing freight invoices against rated.

As part of QAD Cloud TMS, QAD Freight Management shares a common platform, database, rules, workflows and user interface, allowing companies to implement best practices and standardize operational procedures in transportation and trade throughout their organization. With integration to QAD’s Cloud Business Intelligence (QAD Cloud BI) solution, users can see key logistics metrics and real-time carrier performance for improved decision making.


Enforces business rules and customer routing instructions. Uses a configurable, electronic Routing Guide that systematically applies a company’s business rules, policies and customer routing instructions based on the features of a shipment, such as item, the customer or ship-to, the origin and/or the destination.

Assigns carriers for multi-carrier and multi-modal shipments. Based on a shipment’s features, the carrier restrictions and your business rules and guidelines.

Manages freight rates with comprehensive rating capabilities across all modes. Rates for approved carriers are provided as part of the Carrier Content subscription service.


  • Provides customers with an estimated freight rate at the time of quotation or order entry
  • Manages multiple modes of transport such as parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), air, rail, barge and ocean, including transitions to alternate modes for the same shipment
  • Offers shipments for carrier acceptance through a portal accessible by multiple carriers
  • Generates carrier tracking numbers in approved carrier formats
  • Creates ASNs and sends themto the appropriate parties to alert them to shipment dispatch and tracking information
  • Manages reverse logistics by processing labels, carrier instructions, call tags and more for outbound shipments such as a warranty or replacement items
  • Produces accredited carrier labels, general purpose shipping and address labels, as well as special labels to meet your business requirements
  • Simplifies shipment consolidation by identifying ndividual shipments going to the same ship-to or geographic area
  • Manages audits for carrier invoices