QAD Package Exception Management (QAD PEM) provides manufacturers multi-carrier status information about packages in-transit and enables shipment management by exception. With visibility into return shipments from customers, QAD PEM helps with inbound planning efforts and reverse logistics management. It provides a single point of visibility to all shipments, from first mile to last mile, from carrier pick-up to final delivery.

Part of the QAD Transportation Management System (QAD TMS), QAD PEM shares a common application platform including database, rules, workflows and user experience with the other QAD TMS components. The integrated approach enables manufacturers to standardize operational procedures and establish best practices for transportation. With integration to QAD’s Cloud Business Intelligence (QAD Cloud BI) solution, users can easily view key logistics metrics and real-time carrier performance for improved decision making.

When multiple carriers are used, QAD PEM provides a single point of visibility into all shipments from first mile to last mile, from carrier pick-up through delivery. It offers continuous electronic carrier status updates, priority alerts and color-coding to immediately point out critical issues. Users can create and submit tracer requests for lost or damaged shipments electronically. It captures and stores proof of delivery status, supporting compliance initiatives and streamlining processes for invoicing and audit purposes.


Answering customer inquiries reqarding package location is expensive. Manually tracking packages can quickly overwhelm staff. QAD PEM provides a single location for visibility to all shipments to and from your customers from carrier pick-up through delivery. Specific benefits include:

Improves customer satisfaction and reduces customer service costs. Provides visibility to shipments with a collaborative web-based portal.

Saves time with package exception notifications. Automatically generates an alert when a package has delays or other problems.

Provides multi-carrier status information. Enables you to see the complete picture of in-transit shipments from a single location.


  • Captures and records electronic delivery status from carriers and attaches Proof of Delivery documents to a shipment.
  • Collaborative web-based portal gives customers access to the status and details of their shipments.
  • Generates and electronically submits tracer requests for lost or delayed shipments.
  • First Mile/Last Mile visibility. Used in conjunction with desktop shipping, the mailroom has visibility into pick-up requests and deliveries, and can provide tracking status, resulting in full tracking visibility from pick up through delivery
  • Enables external applications to submit shipments for package tracking and exception management.
  • Integration — QAD TMS and QAD PEM support integration through web services connectors; a variety of pre-built connectors are available.
  • Flexible Deployment: cloud and on-premise — Customers may deploy QAD TMS and QAD PEM on-premise or in the QAD Cloud. QAD Cloud TMS gives companies the freedom to focus on their business without worrying about implementation and on-going management. The predictable, flexible and secure QAD Cloud offers excellent service levels, global accessibility, dependable around-the-clock support and predictable costs and budgeting.