QAD Procurement Planning facilitates best-in-class procurement plans, results and processes across a manufacturer’s supply chain. It calculates order and delivery schedules based on forecast requirements, inventory policies and logistics constraints. It produces plans for the supply of raw materials, packaging, other materials and finished products. It is available individually or as part of the QAD DSCP (Demand and Supply Chain Planning) solution.


Using QAD Procurement Planning, manufacturers calculate the Master Procurement Plan by optimizing the related processes, including:

  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to anticipate the need for critical components and provide strategic insight with key suppliers
  • Finished goods purchasing directly from suppliers based on forecasts
  • Creating requirements for components using an MRP calculation

Users flexibly configure planning horizons and granularity to meet the needs of the manufacturer. Planning takes into account supplier and logistics constraints including:

  • Minimum/maximum deliveries
  • Safety stock and maximum inventory
  • Lead times, calendars and frozen horizons
  • Minimum and multiple orders quantities
  • Transportation capacities


QAD Procurement Planning enables a manufacturer to optimize the procurement plan by choosing the planning strategy that best matches the supply chain structure and complexity. For example, control the calculation of a single requirement for each item or by group orders to fill up transportation modes or run a cost based optimization. Some specific options include:

  • Group orders to optimize transportation
  • Optimize the choice of suppliers according to different criteria such as availability, costs and procurement lead times
  • Minimize the total of all costs including inventory, purchases and orders
  • Calculate a batch size based on Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • Manage priorities for suppliers and products


Reduce purchasing, delivery and storage costs through optimized procurement planning.

Improved customer service satisfaction with increased product availability resulting in fewer stock-outs.

Reduce stock throughout the supply chain due to better calculation of supplier safety stocks and optimal delivery plans.

Minimize capital outlay by procuring on a more timely and accurate basis.


  • User Customizable Views
    • Multiple units of measure by product, supplier and other factors
    • Multiple time categories to support short to long term procurement plans
    • Comprehensive graphical views
    • Workspaces dedicated to user roles within the process and organization
    • User-friendly, real-time collaboration with Single Click Collaborative® technology
  • Simulation
    • Real-time recalculation of key indicators
    • Save and compare different scenarios and evaluate alternatives for problem solving using options like choice of secondary supplier
    • Configure simulation environments offering a vision of all procurement activity including inprocess, stocks, stock indicators and alerts
    • Analysis by exception
  • Calculate and Optimize
    • Define supplier constraints and capacities, and optimize supplier selection based on sourcing decisions for multiple suppliers
    • Define stock and procurement strategies including alternative suppliers, batch size, safety stock, coverage, maximum stock and maximum purchase quantity
    • Determine optimal plan incorporating stock costs, purchasing costs, transportation costs (unitary or by trucks/containers) or choice of supplier
    • Consider availability of critical materials for S&OP processes by combining the QAD Procurement Planning with the QAD Production Planning solution
  • Reporting and analysis — provides a flexible report writer and visual analysis tool to meet the requirements of supply chain stakeholders. Configure by grouping levels like product family; choose alternative units of measure; choose a variety of rich dashboards and graphics and include exception alerts.
  • Flexible Deployment - cloud and on premise: Deploy QAD Procurement Planning standalone or as part of the integrated QAD DSCP solution on premise or in the cloud. QAD Cloud Procurement Planning and QAD Cloud DSCP help automate software updates, and provide rapid implementations, global accessibility, excellent service levels, predictable costs and budgeting and reliable around-the-cloud support.