Manufacturers face the challenge of constantly balancing supply chain risk and opportunity. They must monitor and plan for potential disruptions, whether minor or major. Using insight and agility, however, they can work with suppliers to shorten product lifecycles, lower product and logistics costs, and improve their ability to meet customers’ demands for on-time delivery, product quality and customization. Remaining in compliance, including meeting country specific trade regulations, addresses both needs; helps control risk while ensuring timely deliveries. Similarly, complex supply chains require accurate yet rapid planning and material management to control the risk of excess inventory and to ensure product availability to satisfy customers.


The QAD Supply Chain solution helps manufacturers address the challenges associated with managing complex and ever-changing global supply chains. Whether managing risk and supplier performance, improving planning and forecasting, collaborating with suppliers or improving customer service due to more efficient warehousing and delivery, QAD offers a proven, integrated solution and related services.

  • Improve global supply chain performance through collaborative and synchronized planning, forecasting and rapid simulations
  • Increase margins by reducing inventory and better managing procurement costs
  • Streamline supplier communication through web-based portals and timely information augmented by supplier performance metrics
  • Optimize Days Payable Outstanding by managing appropriate triggers for purchasing and consignment inventory
  • Reduce production delays by ensuring timely delivery of material through accurate and low-cost logistics
  • Improve Delivery In-Full On-Time (DIFOT) with automatic alerts that notify shippers of potential delays
  • Improve trade compliance using current embargoed country and restricted party lists to verify customers and products before shipment
  • Reduce inventory levels without material shortages risk and down time
  • Mitigate compliance risk with comprehensive controls for trade compliance, quality and industry-specific requirements


QAD Supply Chain offers real-time decision support and execution to better view, analyze and manage global supply chains. With sophisticated forecast modeling and execution capabilities, the improved planning, management and control of global supply chains improves overall supply chain performance from raw material procurement to the customer satisfaction. Some key capabilities include:

  • Calculates order and delivery schedules based on forecast requirements, inventory policies and logistics constraints
  • Simplifies consignment by accurately tracking both types of consignment inventory in non-consigned quantities and locations
  • Provides visibility into future purchasing requirements and helps suppliers better accommodate changes in demand, keeping on-time delivery levels high
  • Reviews, approves and routes pending requisitions from mobile devices
  • Manages planning and shipment execution including automated rating and routing, carrier compliant labels and full management of multimodal shipping
  • Utilizes contractual controls to interpret customer demand and cumulative accounting for supplier-scheduled orders
  • Shares real-time information with suppliers, for example, inventory, replenishment, demand, shipment and invoice information
  • Provides personalized alerts to proactively manage issues that might affect production or product delivery
  • Integrates with various customs authorities for electronic export declarations and produces the required documentation to support non-electronic filings
  • Complies with letter of credit requirements, calculates European Union Common Agricultural Policy refunds and generates landed cost calculations


QAD Supply Chain make is easy for manufacturers to share supply chain information with key trading partners, automates procurement activities, helps manage consigned inventory and ensures effective warehousing. It provides performance monitoring across a manufacturer’s diverse set of supply chain partners using consistent published measurements and targets. Key solution components include:

Distribution Requirements Planning reduces inventory across the distribution network while improving customer service levels by anticipating shifts in demand.

  • Supports any configuration of manufacturing plants, distribution centers (DCs) and central DCs, warehouses and stock transfer points
  • Fully integrates DRP with master scheduling and MRP
  • Creates appropriate inventory accounting entries and visibility of transfer orders
  • Supports standard lot sizing and safety stock rules

Enterprise Operations Planning provides the key link between long term business planning and medium to short-term planning and execution activities in your manufacturing environment.

  • Consolidates multi-site demand from across manufacturing plants around the global
  • Plans production to meet target inventory levels expressed in weeks of coverage
  • Assigns production to manufacturing plants and provides visibility of the capacity and load on each plant

Global Requisition System manages requisition entry and approval. It provides electronic notifications and enforces company policies on all direct and MRO requisitions.

  • Automates requisition management and approvals
  • Provides comprehensive flexibility for defining budget authority and approval levels
  • Supports requisition approvals from mobile devices

Purchasing automates all phases of procurement from requisitioning, through purchase order creation and printing, to recording the receipt of goods and services.

  • Manages the purchasing process including requisition entry and approval, PO creation, PO Approval, PO print and receipt
  • Supports repetitive deliveries based upon supplier schedules
  • Administers blanket PO processes by limiting the amount of goods and services that can be purchased while allowing orders against the blanket PO
  • Provides visibility to suppliers allowing them to order raw materials, plan production and arrange on-time deliveries

Supplier Consignment helps manage inventory consigned to your company by one or more suppliers, as well as inventory that your company has
consigned to its customers.

  • Maintains visibility of consigned inventory for physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Tracks inventory aging and notifies planners of consigned inventory that has aged beyond accepted parameters
  • Automatically generates standard invoicing transactions based on notifications of customer usage

Supplier Performance monitors and reports supplier performance against defined metrics and key indicators, enabling insight and dialog with suppliers.

  • Establishes a consistent and comprehensive supplier performance program
  • Rates suppliers based on key performance indicators to better identify top performing and underachieving suppliers
  • Tracks supplier nonconformance details like missing order data, untimely ASNs and missed delivery appointments


QAD offers several closely related solutions to the QAD Supply Chain key components that help manufacturers better manage their unique global supply chain and associated business process requirements.

QAD DSCP (demand and supply chain planning) helps manufacturers develop plans and forecasts collaboratively, ensuring synchronization between strategy and operations. It is available via the QAD Cloud or on premise.

  • Demand Planning provides collaborative sales and budgetary planning using memory-resident simulations to ensure timely response to demand fluctuations
  • Distribution Planning helps optimize the flow of finished goods and components by improving insight into distribution requirements
  • Production Planning optimizes production plans to better meet customer needs
  • Procurement Planning facilitates procurement plans for raw materials, packaging and finished products
  • S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) facilitates better crossenterprise planning and improves alignment between strategy and operations

QAD TMS (transportation management system) provides a complete set of tools to optimize shipments by air, sea, parcel, full truckload or less than truckload. It also provides international documentation and supports compliance with international trade regulations. Customers may deploy
QAD TMS in the QAD Cloud or on premise.

  • Selects carriers by least cost per shipment using actual rates and chooses routes to minimize fuel consumption
  • Creates required documentation and electronically files customs documents
  • Screens customers and products ordered against current embargoed countries and restricted party lists
  • Generates carrier-compliant labels and advanced shippping notices (ASNs) for quick scanning on receipt

QAD Supplier Portal allows manufacturers and authorized suppliers to share information about inventory, scheduling, purchase orders,  shipments, Kanbans, invoices, bills of material and more in a SaaS web-based portal.

  • Provides supplier self-service for invoices, bills of material, specifications and other documents
  • Allows suppliers to create ASNs and serialized bar code labels without EDI
  • Scans serialized container shipment labels upon receipt and validates ASN accuracy
  • Calculates and communicates supplier performance metrics

QAD Warehousing provides the ability to manage complex warehouses, high volume picking and fulfillment, and complex space management.

  • Provides visibility and automated replenishment for key items to ensure availability
  • Automates pick face replenishment into planned activities for the warehouse, minimizing disruption at critical times
  • Integrates with wireless remote devices to improve employee efficiency and material handling utilization
  • Simultaneously handles finished goods fulfillment and material issues to production

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