QAD Warehousing is incremental functionality for QAD Enterprise Applications, and becomes a seamless part of the application suite. Warehousing provides capabilities beyond the basic functionality within the core of QAD Enterprise Applications. Warehousing provides the ability to manage complex warehouses, high volume picking and fulfillment, and complex space management.

By deploying Warehousing, companies can improve the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations; increase productivity; reduce inventory and labor costs; optimize warehouse space utilization and shipping accuracy; and increase customer satisfaction.

Warehousing provides automation for key warehouse tasks, optimizing put-away and picking, and simplifying cycle counting. Warehousing supports wireless devices, enabling warehouse staff to continue picking rather than returning to the terminal to process each transaction.

Additionally, Warehousing provides global inventory visibility in one or more warehouses. It manages complex space allocation; addresses replenishment issues such as multiple pick face replenishment; and allows for multiple picking units of measure.


The primary value you will receive from Warehousing will be an accurate global view of inventory across all warehouses. You will be better able to achieve your performance targets for key customer service and fulfillment metrics. You will get a greater return on the assets deployed in your warehousing and fulfillment processes.

Reduces inventory investment. Warehousing enables better inventory planning, which reduces the need for overstock or bulk items. Additionally, the automated pick face replenishment will help to reduce inventory levels, with a potential release of capital back to the business.

Eliminates waste and reduces errors. By leveraging techniques such as random put-away and cycle counting, there will be fewer errors and pick accuracy will improve. Full error correcting techniques and labeling will greatly reduce errors. You will be able to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, helping you achieve Delivery In-Full On-Time (DIFOT) targets.

Improves warehouse efficiency and picking rates. Consolidated picking based on the most effective method, reduces warehouse traffic and enables multiple transactions on each trip (for example, putaway, pick and count in similar locations). This means that warehouse personnel are more productive, reducing the need for additional labor.

Improves manufacturing throughput. Automatic alerts notify workers immediately upon receipt of components or finished items when customer backorders exist, or if shortages exist that will affect manufacturing. Production schedule and picking schedule integration improve throughput in a multi-function (finished goods and raw materials) warehouse.

Helps to improve on-time shipment performance and reduces freight charges. Complete inventory visibility supports shipping materials from least cost locations.


  • Maximizes productivity combining pick, pack, putaway and count activities by location.
  • Provides visibility and automated replenishment for key items to ensure availability; automates pick face replenishment into planned activities for the warehouse, minimizing disruption at critical times.
  • Integrates with wireless remote devices to improve employee efficiency and helps improve utilization from materials handling devices such as reach trucks.
  • Warehousing allows multiple user-defined picking methods for greater efficiency.
  • Simultaneously handles finished goods fulfillment and material issues to production — synchronized to the production schedule.
  • Increases inventory accuracy through cycle counting, random validation, and directed put away and fixed locations.
  • Global inventory views help to eliminate parts and finished goods shortages.