QAD Product Genealogy provides centralized visibility for tracking critical quality issues during the manufacturing and distribution processes. It simplifies tracing the origination of raw or component materials, product composition, shipping destinations and material and product compliance with quality specifications. The solution enables manufacturers to flexibly configure item dimensions to track industry and customer specific requirements and mandates.

There are three primary components to the QAD Product Genealogy solution:

  • QAD Serialization provides inventory identification and full track and trace of each event by unique identifiers, whether the inventory consists of packaging units or specific purchased, produced or shipped item units. It enables tracking and tracing of both lot and serial item units using high volume serial numbers tightly integrated with packaging handling techniques.
  • QAD Item Attributes and Quality Control allows you to assign specific attributes to items such as quality specifications, use-by dates or country of origin to ensure that you meet the quality specifications required by your customers, industry or governmental regulators.
  • QAD Lot Trace Workbench extends track and trace capabilities and provides visibility of current and historical lot-controlled inventory to support returns, recalls and audits. It enables forward and backward tracing, whether initiating a trace from raw material or from shipment. When product quality issues arise, Lot Trace Workbench enables you to trace the root cause of the issue quickly and easily.

These capabilities help manufacturers ensure that all items meet product quality standards and specifications from the point of receipt, through production, to customer shipment.


The primary value you will receive from QAD Product Genealogy will be improved visibility into product quality which helps you resolve quality issues earlier in the process, resulting in fewer defects, returns and recalls. In addition, it increases your material handling efficiency. You will be better able to achieve your performance targets for key customer satisfaction and fulfillment metrics.

Improves product quality tracking — allows assigning, tracking and documenting key product specifications for items, and provides visibility from supplier receipt through manufacturing to final customer shipment

Streamlines the receiving process — allows defining multiple test specifications for incoming raw materials and components ensuring that you only receive and send approved quality materials to production

Supports regulatory compliance — captures and reports item attributes and unique product unit identifiers required by government or industry regulations to simplify regulatory document filing 

Reduces customer returns — provides required documentation to prove that products produced and shipped adhere to customer specifications

Increases material handling efficiency and accuracy — enables receiving, moving, picking, packing and shipping inventory by multi-level packaging units

Improves inventory visibility — provides better visibility through centralized storage of key item attributes and specifications, ensures improved inventory accuracy during purchasing, manufacturing and shipping

Improves inventory accuracy — use of a single source of data combined with paperless and real-time validations reduces inventory data errors

Reduces time and effort for quality compliance — streamlines production processes by automatically generating quality test orders and ensures that parts adhere to required quality standards prior to moving to the next stage of production

Supports combating of counterfeit product — improves ways to identify and proof authenticity of what was produced, where and when

Reduces product recall scope and costs — enables prompt response to customer complaints, adverse events and auditor inquiries using forward and backward lot tracking and tracing for products which reduces product recall scope and costs


  • Assigns key product specifications to any raw material, component and sub-assembly material used in the manufacturing process, resulting in improved quality and better visibility of defect issues.
  • Tracks key components and finished products through manufacturing and distribution processes to enable rapid identification of products that are subject to recall.
  • Captures unlimited generic or qualitative characteristics by item, lot or sub-lot supporting required documentation and reports for auditors, industry and government regulators such as RoHS, Dodd-Frank and cGMP.
  • Allows multiple item attributes, such as country of origin and use-by dates to be assigned to items, lots and sub-lots meeting customer specific requirements and reducing product spoilage.
  • Allows assignment of data to classify specific item lots to raw materials, components and finished products for governmental and regulatory reporting
  • Provides control over product usage and shipment based on item profiles specific to bills of material, or specific customers or unique orders
  • Defines multiple product specifications at various levels including items by supplier, work-in-process, items by customer and finished goods
  • Enables tracking and tracing of lot numbers and serial IDs simultaneously. Where both are used, they are integrated for efficient production of high volume serialized items.
  • Assign specific attributes to items which may vary by lot providing for conformance controls which may differ by order or customer.
  • Allows for any type of packaging and for any number of packaging levels to be defined increasing material handling efficiency.
  • Provides integrated label printing services for barcoded labels from all key business process transactions accommodating different business practices, industry standards and customer mandates.
  • Captures unlimited generic or qualitative characteristics by item, lot or sub-lot supporting required documentation and reports for auditors, industry and government regulators such as RoHS, Dodd-Frank and cGMP.
  • Enables external and internal communication of pack and unique product unit identifiers meeting tracking, tracing, customer and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Together with QAD Automation Solutions, which includes data collection and label printing capabilities, QAD Product Genealogy provides efficient and agile material handling and accurate real-time inventory management at the warehouse and shop floor.