Accounts Payable streamlines the payables process from purchase order to supplier payments, manages supplier accounts, monitors outstanding payables and automates the processing of payments to suppliers. Accounts Payable matches supplier invoices with pending invoices generated from purchase order receipts or from Consignment Inventory, providing an automated three-way match. Combined with the QAD Logistics Accounting system accruals for logistics charges, it also matches invoices charges such as freight from carriers and other third parties. It automatically posts variances and puts the excess voucher amount on hold.

Optionally, Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) generates vouchers without a supplier invoice. This minimizes paperwork and greatly speeds response to key suppliers. Accounts Payable supports a shared services configuration in which a single payment can cover vouchers from many different business entities. The user may specify multiple GL entities on all accounts payable transactions with the proper security, and AP generates intercompany transactions automatically.


The primary value you will receive from Accounts Payable is better visibility of supplier accounts, improved operational efficiency and a simplified supplier payment process. With immediate access to supplier account balances, you can easily analyze cash flow and make payment decisions that affect the bottom line.

Simplifies management of supplier accounts. Automates and streamlines payments processing so supplier accounts are always up to date.

Improves visibility of supplier accounts. Allows immediate visibility and access to all supplier account balances for cash flow analysis and payment processing decisions.

Streamlines payment process. Eliminates entry time, improves accuracy, and streamlines invoice entry and payment.

Simplifies multi-currency payments. Automatically converts currencies to simplify payment transactions for global organizations, improving accuracy and automating general ledger updates.

Improves operational efficiency. Reduces paperwork, errors and manual processes with automated entries.


  • Generates variances based on three-way match of purchase order, receipt and invoice, matching against consignment inventory usage.
  • Automates price variance calculations and generates purchase price variances.
  • Automates entering and approving supplier invoices with Scanning, document management and workflow routing.
  • Eliminates supplier invoice entry and automatically creates vouchers to match received quantity
  • Enables supplier self-billing and evaluated usage settlement—supports self-billing and evaluated usage settlement combined with consignment inventory.
  • Provides EDI support for invoices, payments and remittance details.
  • Supplier activity dashboard provides immediate visibility of supplier activity and payment information.
  • Provides visibility to role specific information using on AP user dashboard with browses, Web pages, business intelligence, metrics and process maps within panels.
  • Provides multi-currency payments, multientity payments with automatic inter-company transactions, invoice payments using open item or balance forward cash application.
  • Supports alternative payment methods such as drafts and electronic fund transfers (EFT), enables netting between customers and suppliers, writeoffs and open item adjustments.
  • Provides both simple and complex segregation of duties when generating and approving payments in support of SOX, JSOX and similar regulations.