Budgeting provides a flexible tool for high-level strategic and detailed budgeting processes. It enables companies to establish corporate strategy using assumptions and drivers for the entire organization. Companies can use the current budget, actuals or anticipated budget amounts, and establish multiple budgets based on unique “what if” scenarios in any number of reports and analyses.

Budgeting allows companies to manage multiple entities and roll up budgets through any number of levels. Budgeting provides powerful drill down capabilities for more detailed analysis.


The primary value you will receive from Budgeting is simplifying and speeding up the budgeting process for everyone in the organization from the CFO, finance manager, controller to line-ofbusiness managers. Budgeting allows flexibility in comparisons of different business entities and scenarios to help make strategic business decisions.

Improves visibility of performance to budget. Instant access to the details of performance to budget, forecast and budget deviations.

Supports using Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets. Easy to prepare and import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into QAD Enterprise Applications.

Improves accuracy and streamlines budget process. Shortens turnaround time for budget preparation and revision, eliminates data entry errors and allows multiple groups to work on budgets at the same time.

Improves operational efficiency. Reduces errors by eliminating paper and manual processes and transaction postings.


  • Single or multiple entity budgets — allows defining budgets for a single business or for multiple business entities.
  • Multi-level budgeting from multiple companies — supports multi-level budgeting and actuals from multiple companies.
  • Hierarchy of analytical dimensions — allows a hierarchy of analytical dimensions, including accounts, sub-accounts, cost centers, projects and SAFs.
  • Multiple budget periods — supports multiple budget periods that are different from tax or GL periods.
  • Forecasts supported — supports forecasts and multiple versions of budgets.
  • Microsoft Excel® integrated — supports using Microsoft Excel® for defining, importing and modifying budgets.
  • Warning when transaction overruns budget — provides online budget checks that warn the user or block the transaction if a transaction overruns the budget.
  • Compare actuals to budget — allows comparing actuals to the current budget, to previous budget versions, and to the forecast.
  • Flexible budgeting — supports creating budgets for any accounts, sub-accounts, cost center, projects, supplementary analysis fields, year combinations and groups of accounts.