Credit Management provides visibility of credit issues and supports checking customer credit. It provides critical and timely monitoring of overdue payments and customer account balances, and places further sales orders and invoices on hold when a company exceeds its specified credit limit.

Credit Management controls credit holds for order and shipment processing within your defined settings, and verifies all accounts receivable activity across all business entities. It supports flexible credit limits, and enables multiple credit limits by business entity for each customer.

Credit Management helps improve the bottom line by reducing accounts receivable write-offs and reducing operational costs.


The primary value you will receive from Credit Management is better visibility of your customers’ credit status. You can better monitor customers with overdue payments, and reduce risks of accounts receivable write-offs. You will have immediate notification of customers exceeding their credit limits at order entry to prevent additional debt until their credit issue is resolved.

Improves visibility of customer credit status. Provides immediate validation against current credit limits and outstanding accounts receivable balances for accurate credit information across the entire organization.

Minimizes risk of write-offs. Prevents users from entering orders for customers in jeopardy of missing payments.

Improves the bottom line. Reduces Accounts Receivable bad debt and collections activities for customers who are credit risks.

Automates credit limit checks for every customer transaction. Reduces paperwork, errors and manual processes.


  • Provides extensive and flexible credit checks based on percentage of turnover, fixed credit limit or maximum days of overdue, with user override capabilities with the appropriate security
  • Shares credit limits with customers that do business across divisions or companies, providing greater visibility to total company exposure
  • Alerts users when customers exceed credit limits or holds during order entry and shipping with configurable warning levels
  • Automates multi-level dunning letters
  • Consolidates all customer account information on a Customer Activity Dashboard for fast, accurate decisions
  • Shows customer activity over a given period with Credit Turnover Report
  • Automates aging analysis with reports that show consolidated information for all your divisions or businesses