QAD Business Intelligence unifies data from multiple sources across the enterprise, providing a comprehensive solution that enables key enterprise decision makers to access, analyze and share critical information. This allows better understanding of business performance and improves decision making throughout the organization. QAD Business Intelligence enables organizations to expand their tool set to cover higher-level tactical and strategic elements while remaining on a single platform. 

QAD delivers a variety of solutions in the QAD Enterprise Cloud, including QAD Cloud Apps, QAD Cloud Services and multiple portals housed on the QAD Cloud Portal. QAD Business Intelligence is available on premise or on the QAD Enterprise Cloud in the form of QAD Cloud BI. 

QAD Business Intelligence provides a complete business intelligence solution consisting of three major components — QAD Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Designer, QAD Business Intelligence Modules and the QAD Business Intelligence Portal to support analytics through dashboards and reporting. 

QAD Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Designer allows data consolidation, optimization, multi-currency consolidation, continuous support for database maintenance tasks, impact analysis, and a single warehouse for any needed transformation logic.

QAD Business Intelligence Portal is a framework to design, deploy and use dashboards, reports and visualizations. The modular, component based approach makes it easy to create and re-use dashboard components and deploy the dashboards to the appropriate individuals in a secure manner — putting information at the fingertips of the decision maker in a timely manner. QAD provides sample dashboards and reports to help with getting started.

QAD Business Intelligence Modules integrate with QAD Enterprise Applications out of the box and make data easy to access without complex database queries and programming resources. QAD Business Intelligence modules support pre-defined OLAP cubes for various areas of analysis.

Currently available modules:

  • Financials
  • Order Management – Sales
  • Operations – Inventory & Purchasing
  • Operations – Manufacturing
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Transportation
  • Planning Modules
  • Supply Chain – Distribution
  • Forecasting & SOP
  • Service & Logistics


QAD Business Intelligence helps ensure that everyone from C-level executives to line-of-business managers has the best information available to make critical business decisions confidently. In addition, you will be able to monitor the health of your business through key metrics.

Make better, faster strategic and tactical decisions — your data is loaded into the warehouse quickly and easily, ready for you to use and analyze.

Quickly identify key performance indicators that require attention — by utilizing graphs, charts and dashboards showing your critical information.

Empower management with investigative tools and collaborative forums — by consolidating high-level data from multiple systems to identify trends and enabling users to drill down into details and share them in a collaborative forum.

Fast time to analysis with no need for a complex and expensive data warehouse project — QAD’s predefined modules provide extremely quick access to QAD application data. There is no need for a long project to define, harmonize and summarize data you already have.

Low cost of entry — QAD Business Intelligence’s integrated components are ready for use allowing you to put your data to work quickly.


The QAD Business Intelligence Portal presents consolidated and normalized data to executives and other decision makers to identify trends and opportunities.

The Portal provides:

  • Dashboards provide actionable information about organizational performance at a glance. Visual displays permit decision makers to monitor trends and identify problems or opportunities over time. 
  • Provides ad hoc analysis by drilling into information to determine the cause of process anomalies and allow corrective action.
  • Captures performance metrics and makes the information broadly available within the organization.
  • Security features segregate data based on roles.
  • Mobile access is available through a native application on the Apple iPad. 

The QAD Business Intelligence Warehouse Designer consolidates, transforms and summarizes data stored in your QAD Database and provides tools to add other data sources into the same warehouse. QAD Business Intelligence Warehouse Designer provides:

  • A repository for all stored procedures for consolidation, optimization and segregation, and uses browser-based help/documentation organized for both business and technical users. The pointand-click warehouse interface makes it simple to add additional data from a new source.
  • Provides web-based access to automatically generated documentation that makes it easy to understand information sources. 
  • Generates stored procedures, ensuring fast loads and transformations of source data and allows consolidation of any currency transaction values into Transaction, Source and Data Warehouse Base Currencies.