QAD Business Process Management employs methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to help you continuously optimize processes and improve performance against your company’s goals and objectives.

QAD Business Process Management provides a complete suite of tools that allows you to visualize, control and automate execution of business process in QAD Enterprise Applications. QAD Business Process Management helps you manage your processes and it provides detailed monitoring tools, enabling your organization to design, document, manage and monitor processes, continually improving and reducing non-value added steps.


The primary value you will receive from QAD Business Process Management is the ability to visualize and automate key business processes, actively monitor and control business process execution and improve critical business processes.

Streamline business processes – visualize and automate key business processes by creating business process models that drive process execution.

Reduce process execution time – automate task handoff between participants, improve visibility of your tasks and provide direct access to task related screens.

Improve process visibility – graphically view the status of any process instance, including currently assigned user tasks.

Formalize process, task and data ownership – improve data quality by ensuring the correct people and departments are responsible for their processes, tasks and data. This also includes the ability to change the priority of any task or reassigning tasks to another user.

Analyze process execution metrics – operational metrics help measure and identify process effectiveness and efficiency, allowing you to actively identify process bottlenecks and improve process execution.

Continuous process improvement – analyze historical process metrics and identify areas for improvement. Use QAD BPM simulation tools to verify process changes.


QAD BPM provides a suite of tools to help develop, manage and monitor business processes. 

  • Allows developers to utilize standardized business process management notation to document process flows using BPM process modeler.
  • Leverages a library of sample processes to establish organizational processes.
  • Provides visibility into active processes for real-time monitoring and management of process execution.
  • Utilizes Progress Corticon’s patented “no coding” rules engine to guarantee accurate results, prevent losses and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluates process reliability and accuracy using QAD Analytics.
  • Supports process components such as approval or rejection levels, actual versus planned process duration, shift performance, overdue tasks and outstanding tasks by priority or category.
  • Supports continuous improvement using operational metrics.